Jab or no job X: a respiratory therapist describes an “underground” network of medical workers refusing the Covid vaccine



This is the ninth in a series of stories of people being fired from their jobs because they refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19. The identity of these workers is kept confidential because they fear reprisals. More stories will be included in future editions of this series as it continues. Previous interviews in this series are listed and linked at the bottom of this story. Send your story to [email protected].

Joe is a respiratory therapist at one of the three main hospitals in Anchorage. He can’t use his name, or he would be called to the office for questioning, and with what he sees happening of discrimination against the unvaccinated, he doesn’t need the pressure anymore.

He is one of a group of medical professionals who are outside of what he calls “Covidians of Faith,” those who blindly accept the accepted theory of Covid-19 vaccines.

As someone who works at Ground Zero with Covid patients on ventilators, he knows the terrible toll the virus takes on people, and he understands the science as well as anyone. He also had the Covid. Joe is studying the research and he’s not ready to take the vaccine.

He spoke with Must read Alaska because he wants people to know about the new culture of bullying and harassment at the hospital. It’s relentless, he said. Those who are not vaccinated are hunted down several times a day to change their minds and get vaccinated.

“The nurses come up to me and they cry because they are intimidated and harassed. We talk to each other quietly, but when we walk around the units, we just keep our mouths shut when we are in a group of others and witness derogatory remarks about those who have gone unvaccinated. “I’ve even heard people lie when asked if they’ve been vaccinated,” he said. They justify the lie because they weren’t asked What they were vaccinated for.

The intensity of the pressure to vaccinate against Covid has increased over the months. It wasn’t that bad before, but now he says that the vaccinated professionals go, in packs, to pounce on the unvaccinated, and he also hears them blatantly laughing at the unvaccinated patients.

“It’s absolutely sickening to hear, but patients who are not vaccinated are treated differently. It never starts with action, it always starts with words. People say things like, “If they don’t have the vaccine, they should be at the bottom of the list. Or they will say, “They made their choice, they shouldn’t be allowed to come to the hospital. I’ve heard this stuff from people with my own ears, ”Joe said.

“A homeless drug addict arrives and we give him the best possible care, knowing he will likely be back in a month. But when it comes to Covid, it’s like a cult, ”Joe said.

When nurses and technicians leave their shifts, they report to the next professionals who take over. They will describe the patient and explain, for example, if he has asthma, diabetes and what medications he is taking. But now a new item has been added to the report: Is the patient vaccinated?

“I say, what difference does it make if they’re vaccinated or not? It shouldn’t change what we do to take care of people. Hearing this slipped into the report is unsettling.

Joe says this new addition to the reports presents an opening for bias against the patient.

A patient with a severe case of Covid repeatedly told a doctor that she had been vaccinated, and when the doctor left her room, he told a group of colleagues that he didn’t believe her, that if she had been vaccinated, she would not. have Covid.

Joe says conversations between professionals around other diseases and treatments have always been open and respectful, in the spirit of scientific research. People use logic and are open to new theories, and also have a fair amount of doubt. But around the Covid, there is only one accepted point of view: vaccines.

“If you say you’ve heard of a vitamin D study, they’ll say, ‘Oh that’s crap, that’s just a correlation.’ They won’t even consider it, ”he said. He thinks there are prejudices against studies conducted in countries like India or Bangladesh, because they do not come from the more developed world.

Doctors select the information they use to promote vaccines, something Joe has never seen them do before. They don’t want to hear about ivermectin and consider it a deworming drug for horses.

Ivermectin, which is used to treat malaria, river blindness and other parasitic diseases, has not been accepted by mainstream medicine for use with Covid, although it is used in other countries with apparent success. Scientists who developed the drug won the Nobel Prize for doing so, but Covid-19 was not there when the drug was invented.

“The Covidians of the faith will listen to nothing. All they say is the vaccine is safe, the vaccine works, take the vaccine. That’s why I call it a cult, ”Joe said. They no longer think like scientists.

And yet, they are very intelligent, very competent and experienced people in medicine. He would trust them with his health in all other respects. But they have developed a blind spot for this virus. “They will not take into consideration evidence with which they disagree,” he said. “They wouldn’t do that with another disease. “

He is quick to point out that there are many, many vaccinated people he works with who are not part of this culture of intimidation and coercion, and find it as offensive as he is. They continue to support those who make a different decision, and some of them have expressed regret or skepticism for receiving the vaccine, which seems to have limits and has sometimes affected people in a negative way. But they did it to keep their jobs. These vaccinated allies told Joe that when all the unvaccinated people are laid off, those who remain will not do two jobs – they will simply become traveling nurses. They blame the hospital management and say they are not going to pick up the pieces of the mess that management is creating.

As for the unvaccinated, as they are increasingly treated like “vermin” in the hospital, they have formed an informal support group which meets quietly. They are not on social media and joining the group is not easy. It is extremely confidential.

“This is an underground group, and we are talking about how we prepare to pay the consequences of our decisions to remain unvaccinated. We are looking at bartering, we are saving our money, ”he said. It is a culture of supporting and sharing information on how they will survive the slaughter.

Joe is resigned to the fact that he will be fired from his job; he just doesn’t know when. There are currently 30 ventilator patients in Alaska, and the state needs medics like him to operate ventilators and other equipment. He expects him to be put on an “unvaccinated list” in his hospital’s human resources department, but he will be able to work a month after the vaccine deadline, or until they are finished. find someone to fulfill their role.

However, it will not be so easy for the management of the hospital. Some vaccinated workers continue to contract Covid and have to be absent from work for days or even weeks.

Joe spoke to some of his “unvaccinated clandestine” colleagues before confiding in Must read Alaska. They have seen mainstream media reports and note that the same medical professionals are interviewed over and over again. People with differing opinions are not interviewed.

They told him to explain that when they leave, those left behind to work will be even more overworked. Nurses and technicians brought in from out of state are not enough to replace all laid-off medical workers, and they will only be replaced until the end of the year. The pressure on those who remain to treat the patients is going to be enormous.

“Who’s going to look after your family when we’re gone?” Joe said they asked him to pass on.

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