Ingraham: Media deflects attention from Durham investigation bomb on Clinton-linked law firm



Fox News host Laura Ingraham highlighted how mainstream media ignored or hijacked Connecticut Federal Attorney John Durham’s latest investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia inquiry in “Ingraham Angle “of Friday.

“Last night, Special Counsel John Durham dropped his second bomb in the past two weeks, issuing subpoenas to one of the most politically connected law firms in the country – Perkins Coie,” Ingraham said .

She noted how Durham also recently indicted Perkins Coie attorney, Michael Sussmann, for lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) during a meeting in 2016 that helped spark the initial investigation into Russia.

“We don’t know why it took so long in Durham, but we may finally be about to learn how far the Clintons and their allies have gone in their efforts to destroy Donald Trump, his campaign and his presidency, ”she said.

“When the truth finally comes out, we will also see how invested the Deep State was in Trump. Their aim was to thwart Trump’s agenda and put him on the defensive from day one.”


Ingraham noted that none of the investigation’s “main villains” had resigned, but that many were instead promoted by the “corrupt left-wing media complex.”

She noted that this dynamic is reminiscent of President Joe Biden’s Pentagon, where Gens. Lloyd Austin III [Ret.] – Secretary of Defense – Kenneth Frank McKenzie Jr and Mark Milley remain in post despite the catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan which left 13 US military dead.

Instead of focusing on the Durham news, ABC and CBS “mowed down” Biden’s attempts to salvage his far-left government spending and his open borders bill, she said.

She noted that the coverage was about the same on cable news networks – noting how CNN’s Wolf Blitzer greeted former FBI Deputy Director Andy McCabe – despite his office post during the Trump investigation:

McCabe told Blitzer “that there really isn’t much here regarding what he would have been hired to investigate” and that “the recent indictment and these subpoenas really keep the FBI more in check. position of victim rather than subject of investigation ”.


“The rotation never ends,” Ingraham remarked. “Andy is still going to play the victim.”

“The FBI, our intelligence agencies, the media and dishonest Democrats have done untold damage to the presidential office and to people’s trust in these institutions,” she added.

“None of the culprits in this saga – neither the press nor the DOJ [and] certainly not our intelligence community – hasn’t learned anything over the past few years. “

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