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Many life advocates say that the only question to consider about abortion is whether to take the life of a “pre-born” child.

In my view, the question is whether 100% of Americans should follow the religious beliefs of the 38% who find abortion morally wrong. Our Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion.” Therefore, the government cannot compel all Americans to follow the moral beliefs of a group of religious people.

I will not debate the broad belief systems of different groups of Americans. There is a wide variety of who believes what, and why, in our pluralistic country. Jews may believe that life begins with the first breath. Some Muslim scholars say abortions up to 120 days of fetal development are permitted. Although many Catholic and Protestant churches say that life begins at conception, their followers have differing opinions, with the majority saying abortion should be allowed in most or all cases. And three out of 10 adults have no religious affiliation. But 52% of all Americans in a recent post-leak Supreme Court Gallup poll find abortion morally acceptable, the highest on record.

We are, I believe, a secular and pluralistic country with people who believe in many different things. For those who believe abortion is morally wrong, please don’t. But please don’t make me follow your religious beliefs in our free America.



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