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In Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the main Earth of the Marvel Cinematic Universe – Earth-616 – has once again come under threat. just like Spider-Man: No Coming Home had multiversal visitors, America Chavez came out on top, with Strange shockingly discovering that the demons weren’t chasing her; she was the scarlet witch of her world. Grief-stricken Wanda Maximoff wanted to harness America’s multiverse capabilities to find a home with her sons, which created a brutal supernatural war filled with horror and bloody death. Thankfully, Team Strange won and created a hopeful future, but talks have been building for a sequel that could paint a bleak picture of desperation.

Doctor Strange 3 could focus on Stephen and Clea

Charlize Theron appeared as Clea in Multiverse of Madness‘ mid-credits scene, ripping a hole through space and time to accompany Strange on a journey. She said the multiverse was still unraveling and seemed to jump into a dark dimension similar to where Dormammu was stuck. So, it looks like they embarked on an adventure to mend the rifts after the events of Loki, Strange’s memory-erasing spell in No coming homeand the worldwide shenanigans of this movie.

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This could lead to a romance between Stephen and Clea, according to the comics, possibly shaping her to become a Witch Supreme one day. However, just as Wanda was untrustworthy, this Clea could be an evil variant wanting to harness Strange’s power and the corruption within him after he used the Darkhold to fight Wanda. Stephen is pretty vulnerable mentally right now and could easily be turned into a villain, like how the book manipulated Wanda. But if that Clea isn’t good, chances are he’ll find one that is and can eventually cure him.

Doctor Strange 3 may bring Baron Mordo back into play

Mordo swore to kill Strange and the Kamar-Taj wizards after the first movie, hating how they used the Time Stone. Seeing that Strange also toyed with reality in No coming home and was now part of Multiverse of Madness‘global mess, Mordo could consider it the straw that broke the camel’s back. He wouldn’t even trust Kamar-Taj given the failure of Sorcerer Supreme Wong and the others, wanting to target them as failures and liabilities as well.

It’s easy to see Mordo wanting America out too, knowing that his power could invite new villains or send corrupt tyrants to invade other realms. What’s interesting is how Strange left Mordo-838 on his world angry and bitter, especially after the deaths of his Illuminati peers there, he – and possibly other Mordos – could become advice, similar to rick and mortyin an attempt to fix the Strange issue for good.

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Doctor Strange 3 May Expand Marvel’s Magic Roster

Wanda eventually realized she was a monster and brought her ritual base to Mount Wundagore. She killed herself and destroyed all Darkholds across the Multiverse, but all of those worlds would still have similar centers of lingering dark magic. Thus, variants of Kaecilius and his cult could appear to exploit him and free Dormammu, or new enemies such as Nightmare could arrive. Since dreams are snapshots of the variants’ lives, the variants could easily follow and feed off the heroes.

Mephisto is another option, realizing that America can help him visit realms to feed on wishes and claim souls. Doctor Doom could also arise, since Earth-838 had a Reed Richards, to research Earth-616 for dark magic. Then there’s Agatha Harkness, who can return outside of her planned spin-off if Wanda’s bonding spell was broken after she disappeared. Conversely, heroes such as Brother Voodoo or even Blade could help, realizing that mystical troubles bleed. With America also learning under Wong, she could become a prodigy and possibly be next in line as Sorcerer Supreme. She can also rally other magical heroes like Hellstrom or Magik to aid her, with Wong realizing he needs dedicated Mystical Avengers.

Find out how a sequel was put together for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, now in theaters.

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