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Today marks Holocaust Memorial Day – a day to reflect on the millions of people who were killed in horrific circumstances during World War II and the genocides that occurred around the world in the years that followed. . It is essential that as a society we learn from the events of the past and act to create a safer future for all.

Below, members of our political leadership team share their thoughts on Holocaust Memorial Day and why it’s so important for everyone to take the time to reflect.

Cllr Lee Scott, Essex County Council Cabinet Member for Motorway Maintenance and Sustainable Transport, said:

“On Holocaust Remembrance Day, it is so important that we remember to pause and reflect on the lessons of the past. Too often we will hear about hate crimes against people because of their religious beliefs, their sexuality or the color of their skin.

“Hate crimes are not acceptable. There is no room for intolerance or prejudice. You can be proud of your nationality, proud of your heritage and culture, and actively participate in religious life without hating Holocaust Memorial Day was created to ensure that we did not forget the terrible crimes committed against the Jewish people, but it is also a time to remember all those who were murdered through hatred so that we do all we can to ensure that genocide is eradicated from our future.”

Cllr Eddie Johnson, Chairman of Essex County Council, said:

“On this Holocaust Memorial Day, we invite everyone – regardless of religious belief – to stop and reflect on the horrific atrocities that occurred during World War II.

“As a society, we must never forget the millions of Jews who died in the Holocaust, as well as the victims of the genocides that occurred around the world in the years that followed. They are a stark reminder of what can happen when hate is allowed to thrive.

“Today is also a time for us to pause and remember those people who have sadly passed away due to the misjudgment or prejudice of others.

“The Holocaust was a turning point in history and it is vital that we learn from it. As an organization we have a responsibility to everyone living or working in Essex. Today, I reiterate our commitment to you, the people of Essex, that we will continue to fight for equality and work with our partners to eradicate discrimination from our county.

“Hate has no place in Essex. We all have the opportunity and the responsibility to act to create a safer and more inclusive future for all and ensure that these terrible events are never again experienced by a another generation.

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