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The inaugural Kena Sound Music Collector Culture Event at Nero Event Space, PJPAC, 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya on August 6 promises a different day for music lovers who haven’t lost faith in physical music formats.

It’s an event to celebrate listening to music through a physical format, including vinyl, CDs, cassettes and more.

Organized by the Kena Sound Crew (a collective of music lovers) and supported by PJPAC, the independent event aims to broaden and enliven the record-buying experience and give music collectors the opportunity to interact with kindred spirits and discover new developments in this niche. music collecting scene, which is supported by independent record stores and online sellers nationwide.

What is Kena Sound about?

“Collecting music is a passionate business, but there are no events for music collectors in Malaysia. You see toy collector events and book collector gatherings, but nothing for collectors of vinyls, CD lovers and cassette revivalists,” says Chang OY, one of the Kena. Sound organizers.

“Kena Sound aims to bring back the fun when it comes to collecting music. It will be presented in a casual setting, featuring musical conversations (on stage), pop-up music booths, record store stories, video screenings, open deck sessions and more,” he adds.

PJPAC’s black box venue, Nero, will be transformed into a “pop-up record store punctuated by talk sets and deejay sessions” throughout the event.

“Kena Sound is open to everyone, regardless of age. This is a free entry event. The main idea is to share and acknowledge the role of the music collecting community in keeping (physical) formats alive despite streaming being the norm today,” says Chang.

“Today, vinyl remains the format of choice, attracting fans big and small. It’s also important to note that older music fans aren’t the only active collectors these days. Young music fans, who have built up their own vinyl collections over the past 10 years, also have a say in the record collecting scene in Malaysia. Let’s not forget the newcomers who are now fond of physical music formats.

“Even the CDs still sell to a dedicated fan base and the cassette revival has received serious attention from tape collectors. Niche music collecting or not, there is a community out there… digging and loving (physical) formats. Outside of digital age narrative, a lot of Malaysians still care about physical formats, and Kena Sound is an event to accommodate those people,” he adds.

A varied range

On the Kena Sound stage, Datuk Kamil Othman, the legendary radio host of The Alternative Rock Show on Time Highway Radio (now defunct) in the 1990s, will share his radio experience of bringing non-traditional Malaysian music to the airwaves and also talk about his favorite records.

Kamil, former director general of Finas, is a well-respected name in the film industry. But he is also admired in the Malaysian music scene. For adventurous music lovers in the 1990s, Kamil’s radio show played a pivotal role in encouraging and exposing non-traditional music culture.

Folk and academic singer-songwriter Azmyl Yunor will also be part of the music discussion sessions. He will discuss his role as an independent artist who makes albums, tours regularly, and how he believes physical formats are crucial to sustaining a creative life.

A curated list of music vendors and pop-up record stores have also been confirmed for the Kena Sound program, including Sputnik Rekordz, Crossroad Records, LP Freak Store, Tandang Store, MusicRecords2U, Waste Records, Amused To Death, Peluru Dalam Perahu, Cosmic Rays Comics & Records and more.

Studio Bayangan, an outfit based on the artist, is also part of the diverse lineup alongside Toko Sue, an independent bookstore in KL, and CultKids, a pop culture artist/designer.

Disko Santan, a Nusantara funk-based deejay, CJ Oli (a cassette enthusiast and tape deejay) and Wakmy (a soulful disco deejay) are some of the deejay highlights at Kena Sound.

More info here. WhatsApp: 011-3311 5779.

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