Here are the Dos and Don’ts for pregnant women during Surya Grahan



The last solar eclipse of 2021 will take place today, Saturday 04 December. The solar eclipse will begin at 10:59 am in the morning and end at 3:07 am in the afternoon. According to beliefs, the doors of the temples are closed and no auspicious work is done on this day. According to religious beliefs, this is an eclipse of Rahu and Ketu on the Surya Devta and pregnant women should take care of themselves. It is believed that there may be side effects on the baby.

Dos and Don’ts for Pregnant Women During the Solar Eclipse:

According to religious beliefs, pregnant women should not leave the house while the solar eclipse is in progress. It is said that leaving the house at such a time can affect the skin of mother and baby due to the harmful rays of the sun. It is suggested that pregnant women avoid the shadow of the solar eclipse.

Pregnant women should take a bath after the eclipse is over to avoid the ill effects of surya grahan.

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Eating food during the solar eclipse is considered taboo. Pregnant women, however, can eat fruit because the health of the baby and the mother should be a priority.

Pregnant women should avoid using sharp objects during a solar eclipse. It is a popular belief that the use of objects like knives, blades, scissors, pins and needles during the eclipse can adversely affect the baby.

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It is strictly not recommended to look at the Sun during the eclipse because its contaminated rays can have a harmful effect on the eyes.

At the time of the eclipse, pregnant women can chant the mantras of Lord Surya or worship Ishta Dev or the Goddess.

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