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Gyanvapi Mosque Case Highlights: The Supreme Court on Friday transferred the Gyanvapi Mosque case pending before the Civil Judge, Upper Division to the Varanasi District Judge Court for trial. Observing that a “slightly more mature” and “seasoned hand” should handle the Gyanvapi Mosque case, the Supreme Court suggested that the case be heard in a Varanasi District Court. “A slightly more experienced and mature hand should hear this case. We are not disparaging the trial judge. But a more experienced hand should handle this matter and it will benefit all parties,” the bench said.

Stating that the bench is on a joint mission to preserve a sense of unity in the country, the court said that once the commission’s report on the Gyanvapi Mosque case is released, there can be no selective leaks . “We are here on a joint mission to preserve a sense of unity in the country. Once the commission’s report is there, there can be no selective leaks. Do not divulge anything to the press. Only the judge opens the report,” the SC bench said.

The Allahabad High Court on Friday adjourned the hearing of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple and Gyanvapi Mosque case until July 6. The HC was hearing a motion challenging the pending lawsuit in Varanasi court regarding the dispute. No less than six petitions have been filed in the High Court in this regard. The Varanasi court will resume hearing the case on May 23.

The two reports on a videographic investigation of the Gyanvapi Mosque complex, submitted to the court in Varanasi on Thursday, indicate that remains of ancient temples have been found at the corner of the north and west walls outside the barricade, and Hindu motifs such as bells, kalash, flowers and trishul were visible on pillars in the tehkhana (basement).

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