Greek MEP Emmanouil Fragkos criticizes Pakistan for persecution of minorities



Greek Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Emmanouil Fragkos blasted Pakistan for the continued persecution of minorities. In a letter to Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy / Vice-President of the European Commission, Fragkos said: “The daily life of Christians, as of all non-Muslim communities in the Pakistan, has been degrading and dangerous. Christians are treated as second class citizens, as are Hindus and smaller religious minorities. “

He also insisted on the European Union and said “no real action has been taken by the EU to overturn the dominant government policy of Islamist extremism.” “For several years, the international community has been silent about the unacceptable situation of cultural decline inside Pakistan,” he added.

He also gave examples of blasphemy cases linked to the persecution of minorities. “26 Christians, who have been condemned by Pakistani society, for using unacceptable” anti-blasphemy legislation, “Fragkos said.

These laws make non-Muslims vulnerable to slavery or even physical extermination. “The reason is that an ‘allegation of blasphemy”, even if it is not proven in court, arms extremists to “deliver Islamic justice”, said the Greek MEP.

16 MEPs also wrote about the importance of European intervention in Pakistan and elsewhere in the fight against the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities. In addition, Fragkos questioned the EU strategy, with a timetable and specific initiatives to effectively tackle the persecution of Christians and other religious minorities in Pakistan?

After 2001, violence and discrimination against Christians in Pakistan increased markedly. Seen as linked to the “West” because of their religious beliefs, Christians have at times been the scapegoats for the US-led invasion of Afghanistan, as well as the enormous human suffering, is seen as the consequence of interventions in other countries with large Muslim populations, reported the Center for Political and Foreign Affairs (CPFA). Christians continue to face targeted violence and other abuses, including land grabbing in rural areas, kidnappings and forced conversions, and the vandalism of homes and churches.

Pakistan’s blasphemy laws continue to be a source of controversy and suffering, having extremely damaging effects on the accused and their families. A false accusation can be a punishment in itself as a number of cases have resulted in brutal collective violence against the defendants and their families, reported the CPFA. (ANI)

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