Glasgow Hawks boost playoff prospects with big win over Hawick



IAIN HAY @ Lochinch

WITH Balgray’s regular ground deemed unfit to play this weekend’s only Scottish Premiership game, the fifth-placed Hawks welcomed third-placed Hawick to their southern Glasgow training center and put in an impressive performance to stay in the race for the play-offs.

“I felt we were quite far from where we were this season,” said Hawick’s head coach. Matty Douglas. “The “want” that we have had in recent months was not there. We were second in all the field; just poor performance overall.

“We’re at the stage where we’re in a decent position, but we can’t expect to win and I don’t want this season to end. I think we have a really good team and it wasn’t them today.

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The sky darkened and the breeze decided to pick up a notch as the return Liam Brims started off into the wind, and when Hawks won a penalty kick in the first scrum, the rain started to fall not only on everyone involved, but especially on the Mansfield Park men, like a scene from Charlie Brown at 15 body of the Peanut Comics.

Scrum half Matt donaldson took the imposing Sione Halafihithe line-up overturned and made its way through the smallest gap within five meters, and its captain Paul Cairncross finally plunged under the sea of ​​bodies and on the whitewash.

Hawick equalized soon after when Stuart graham lifted off the main maul and dove in, but after another point blank try for Cairncross, after a quick tap and go, Hawick then put too much faith in their maul.

Captain Matty Carriers Arrows have consistently found their target following numerous Hawks infractions – including a couple who offered shots on goal – but when they broke through the red brick wall, Halafihi and Iain Carmichael got under Carryer to deny it and give Hawks a huge boost.

Hawks came close to another try when Michael downer found himself in a place unknown to the right – a place so foreign to him that he hurt himself and had to leave injured – and even closer when Brendon McGroarty snatched the ball from the opposite number Andrew Mitchell and fed Jamie Pinkerton, only for Kirk Ford to chase superbly and drop him into the corner flag.

A Brims penalty had sandwiched those two attempts to give the Hawks a 17-7 lead at halftime, and despite Ford’s response in the early stages of the second period, Hawick still struggled to move things face immense, physical energy from the Hawk pack.

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A huge success of Gary Strain helped dislodge the ball, Hawks countered on that right flank, and although they couldn’t get back to the corner, when the ball was worked inside, Brims took a step and passed to Ali rogers cross the line.

Outside centers Mitchell and McGroarty traded some powerful lively runs, but as Mitchell was held up over the line, McGroarty’s effort ultimately led to points.

Hawick was forced to clear for a touchdown, and although the Hawks knocked out the roster, the scrum dominance they had shown throughout their game won another penalty. They gave deep kicks, finished their line-up and walked through the attackers, before Jack McLean won a well-deserved bonus point try.

“We owed a performance like this against one of the top three-four, we dropped against Accies a while back, but now we’ve come out and beat a team like Hawick – and not just beat them , beat them completely, said the victorious coach Andy Hill.

“We didn’t have a training facility on Tuesday so we had a Zoom call, and guys like Liam Brims and Matt Donaldson executed the game plan brilliantly. The defensive effort was great, the defense is easy to train in terms of technique, but you can’t teach the heart and the boys brought it in today and stood up.

Teams –

Glasgow Hawks: Mr. Stewart; R Flett, B McGroarty, F Gosse, J Pinkerton; L Brims, M Donaldson; M Downer, P Cairncross ©, G Strain, S Halafihi, J McLean, L Stewart, I Carmichael, L McNamara. Subtitles: A Rogers, R Chisholm, F Burgess, J Thompson, R Joy.

Hawick: B Donaldson; L Gordon-Woolley, A Mitchell, A Redpath, R McKean; K Ford, D Lightfoot; S Muir, M Carryer ©, R Macleod, R Smith, S Fairbairn, R Graham, C Renwick, S Graham. Subtitles: C Tait, T Hope, C Sutherland, S Frizzel, K Brunton.

Arbitrator: David Sutherland

Scorers –

Falcons: Tests: Cairncross 2, Rogers, McLean; Disadvantages: edges 4; Pens: Edges.

Hawick: Essays: Graham; Cons: Ford; Pens: Ford.

Scoring sequence (Glasgow Hawks first): 5-0; 7-0, 7-5; 7-7, 12-7; 14-7, 17-7 (high) 17-10; 22-10; 24-10; 29-10; 31-10.

Man of the match: Liam Brims returned to offer his leadership in the park and kicked 100% off the tee, but it was Sione Halafihi which set the tone for the Hawks’ defense, with Head Coach Hill also singling him out for his praise in our post-game discussion.

Subject of discussion: As Matty Douglas said, Hawick didn’t have a good day, on several occasions they tried to overplay, and under these conditions with a pack of fiery Hawks flying to pierce them at every opportunity, a little more practicality was necessary.

Former Scottish teammates to coach at Siobhan Cattigan memory skills clinic

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