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Deon Anderson, well known in the social media world as DAREAL SUPABIHH, was born in Brunswick, Georgia to Altamese Smith and Larry Anderson. He earned his nickname “Ten Ten” from his late Aunt Vern, because he weighed 10 pounds. 10oz. at birth.

Ten Ten is a dynamic entertainment connoisseur, mainstream social media influencer, and gifted as a dad, comedian, actor, interior designer, entrepreneur, and live streamer, who partners with different growing entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, interior decorators and more to drive organic conversions, millions of views, sold-out shows, celebrity engagements and interviews. These vibes are bound to offer capital to their content, events, and personal and professional brands. DAREALSUPABIHH is at the height of his career but the road to success has not been easy.

Facing his fears

Ten Ten has grown into a very handsome young man, well dressed, friendly and always able to make others laugh. Due to his popularity among his family, friends, and community, he was afraid to live his truth.

In the fog of struggling with his sexuality, facing homelessness, losing his job and his youngest son leaving the state, he was hitting rock bottom.

Deciding to come out in faith, Ten Ten accepted and confirmed his sexuality and was able to confidently and assertively tell his family and friends. With their acceptance, he was free and began to live his life to the fullest.

Her best friend, Shay, owner of a custom wig line (, gave her a wig to promote. He decided to promote his business by wearing the wig on social media and thus created the character DAREALSUPABIHH. So instead of focusing on the negative and wallowing in despair and self-pity, he decided to bring joy and laughter to himself and others.

Struggle to succeed

In 2017, Deon once again leaned on his faith and made the decision to take DAREALSUPABIHH on the road and relocate to Jacksonville, Florida to pursue his acting career. The journey was not easy and he had to face evictions, seizures and refusals. Despite everything, Deon kept pushing and grinding.

Finally, after making and posting several videos on Facebook, they started going viral and eventually became a social media sensation with millions of viewers. After four months of going viral, his first shows were booked – in Ohio, Houston, Atlanta and several other major markets.

At the same time, her struggle continued, not earning enough money to live on, but refusing to give in or give up.

In 2020, his due diligence finally paid off — not just financially, but with influential fans and supporters, as well as arranging and arranging other entertainment opportunities with “Hollywood Unlocked’s” Jason Lee, Shekina Jo of “Love and Hip Hop”, Phaedra Parks, “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, Mrs. Juicy Baby, “Little Women: Atlanta”, musical artist KaMillion, singer-songwriter Tiny and New York television personality.

“God will move you from repossessing to owning! »

In 2021, DAREALSUPABIHH continued to build their social media platform to emerge as “The Face” on a live streaming app called Mico Live. This application opened many avenues and doors, and allowed it to grow, to be known all over the world thanks to billboards in major cities, including Atlanta, New York and Los Angeles.

As content creator and owner of RunItUp agency on Mico Live, he has recruited thousands of live stream hosts and social media influencers by providing a platform to create content and showcase their talent.

“Your struggles don’t define you, but they shape the person you become when you face and overcome them.”

The journey will continue…

To burst:

DAREALSUPABIHH is currently filming “Gay Famous,” a new reality TV show slated to air in the fall, and has appeared in the Bentley Kyle Evans-directed “Millennials” TV series.

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