Five Finger Death Punch Just Set A Rock Songs Record



Five Finger Death Punch still have a ways to go before claiming the most No. 1s on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart, but they just set another record on the chart with their ninth straight chart. The song that gave the band the record was “Times Like These”, the last single from their Life after death album.

According to Billboard, the song becomes their ninth consecutive No. 1 on the chart, with a streak dating back to 2018 when “Sham Pain” kicked off the run of their And justice for no one album.

In order, the band then continued with “When the Seasons Change” and their cover of “Blue on Black” by Kenny Wayne Shepherd from the And justice for no one album, “Inside Out”, “Living the Dream”, “A Little Bit Off” and “Darkness Settles In” from F8 album and now the title track and “Times Like These” from the Life after death album.

Although they had nine consecutive peaks, they also reached number 1 in the past with their singles “Coming Down”, “Lift Me Up”, “Battle Born” and “Wash It All Away”. This gives them 13 chart-toppers on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.

Shinedown currently holds the record for most No. 1s on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart with 18 chart-toppers, like “Daylight” off their Planet Zero was the last to reach the top. Shinedown also has a consecutive streak with eight consecutive rankings, now one behind FFDP’s record.

Shinedown was also engaged to Three Days Grace for the record for most No. 1s. Three Days Grace currently has 17 No. 1s on the Mainstream Rock Chart after hitting “Lifetime” off their Blast album earlier this year.

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