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MOBILE, Alabama (WKRG) – We talk about finding the truth in an objective world with Dauphin Way Baptist Church Senior Pastor Blake Newsom.

Guest: Truth, simply defined, is what corresponds to reality. Now you are using a very important word concerning the truth: objective. Two classifications of truth are objective truth and subjective truth. The goal is that truth dealing with things outside the person. It does not depend on or is influenced by a person’s feelings or interpretations. Objective truth declares that the truth is discovered. Subjective truth, however, asserts that truth is made up and is subject to the individual’s internal perspective or feelings rather than external realities.

Objective truth carries with it the idea that something is right or wrong, whether someone likes it or not. Thus, objective truth is, to quote Boston, “more than a feeling.”

As you can imagine, objective truth is the foundation of religious belief. I am not a Christian because of how it makes me feel or only because of my inner perspective. I am a Christian because of the objective truth of Jesus Christ.

Anchor: Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life”, what does this mean?

Guest: This verse teaches that Jesus is the way to salvation, the source of truth, and the Creator and Renewer of Life. Distinct from other religions, Christianity uniquely asserts that while we humans are disconnected from God by our sin, it is in fact God who acts to reconcile this divine / human relationship. Jesus, the Divine, came as a human, lived the perfect life that we could not live, meeting the requirements of a holy God; died on the cross in our place, paying our punishment; and he rose from the dead, proving his divinity and power over sin and death. Therefore, his work on our behalf is the key to salvation, not our work on our behalf. It is only through Jesus that we are made well with God and experience salvation.

Anchor: We often hear the phrase “tell your truth” – is there a difference between one’s own truth and the truth”?

Guest: This is such an important question given our current cultural climate. There is no “my truth” or “your truth”, only “the truth” and the way you or I perceive and respond to “the truth”. To find out the truth, we look to God, the source of truth. The ultimate problem with this concept of “my / your truth” is that it puts us in the shoes of God, which means we define our purpose and values ​​for life. It is a responsibility reserved only for God. We are not built for that kind of responsibility. Our attempt to determine our own purpose and our own values ​​only leads to depression and devastation.

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