Filipe Toledo will skip the first Paris 2024 Olympic qualifier, leaving emotional surf fans wondering if the ‘Teahupo’o Tremors’ are still keeping the new WSL champion awake at night!


“I was told right then, there’s no way they’re letting Gabriel win this one because it’s just not good for business.”

Do you believe in the maxim, you make your own luck?

Of course, everything I got in this life, good, bad, indifferent, was achieved through my own behavior.

Barton Lynch who you know well by now world champion one of the best voices on the WSL commentary team although that ship seems to have sailed is also a believer and says Gabriel Medina lost his clash for the 2019 title to Pipe with Italo’ Because the universe looked askance at his semi-final interference with Caio Ibelli.

In his latest Stoked Bloke Wrap show, Lynch riffs on the Filipe v Italo final at Lowers, when he takes the listener back three years to 2019, at the Pipe Masters final between Medina and Ferreira. Whoever wins takes the crown.

“Let me come back to this one. Do you remember the final of Pipeline, Gabriel Medina, Italo Ferreira? Before that, Gabriel Medina had his controversial interference with Caio… blocked him and wouldn’t let him score and win. In my mind, I was commenting on this event, and I was commenting on this moment, in my mind, I went, there’s no way they’re letting Gabriel win this thing. Because the world was embarrassed. The world so disliked what Gabriel did at that point that having him as champion at the end of the thing was going to be a blight on the sport. A scourge for the WSL.

“And, Italo was the first right-hander in the final. I was, like, six, five five, I didn’t think that was very good, and it came out like an eight. Ah, there you go ! All of a sudden they, the…the…the…I was told at the time, there’s no way they’re letting Gabriel win this one because it’s just not good for business.

“So you can script that,” says Lynch co-host Peter King.

Lynch quickly explains the suggested fix.

“Well, I don’t know if you can script this, but you can manage the energy of the universe to follow your path and that’s part of a professional surfer’s job, managing their image, and that creates this opportunity of success… I’m not saying corrupt things happen… someone runs to the judges, ‘You can’t win!’ It’s just that you are a human influenced by the energetic resonance of your world and in that energy there was no way Gab won this final.

Lynch says bad energy dogged Medina even during his winning years and he was so good, so far ahead of the pack, he won despite himself.

“He did this to himself!” His public relations exercises during his prime years were terrible! I’ve never seen Medina given… a… point.



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