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On Friday, January 7, Eli Young Band released “Love Talking,” the latest in a new batch of songs written since the COVID-19 pandemic-induced closures began in March 2020. During this period, frontman Mike Eli says he wrote about 100 songs, but “Love Talking” stood out from the group because it offered something new.

“We’ve always been suckers for a song you’d expect something to be on, and you get something very different,” says Eli, who co-wrote “Love Talking” with Eric Arjes and Jeffrey East.

You see a track like “Love Talking” and you might assume a ballad: “I think I would probably expect a mid-tempo love song that said something completely different,” the singer offers. “But I think the feel, the energy, everything in this song is different. It’s different for us, and I think it’s different for radio. I think it’s going to add so much to the show. “

Up-tempo and jovial, “Love Talking” is effortless country rock that Eli says is “a little start for us when it comes to grooves and melodies”. Still, the band didn’t have to think twice about whether or not to record it. The song was written right before they were booked to enter the studio to record, and it instantly floated to the top of the pile. That’s because, despite all of its fresh elements, it’s still a classic Eli Young Band song.

“I think that’s perfect for us. It’s almost like we’re diverge, but not really, you know. You hear it, and you’re like, ‘Oh yeah, that sounds like Eli Young Band’,” the singer explains.

With 100 songs written during the pandemic, Eli and his band had plenty to choose from as they sought to find songs that were both fresh and familiar. This album cycle was a good time to change perspective for a number of reasons. The pandemic has created a natural semicolon in every artist’s touring career, and EYB is no different. Plus, their last project was their 2019 The biggest hits album. And, perhaps most importantly, they had to keep things interesting and challenging for themselves as a group.

“We are musicians and artists and we are bored. I think the reality is that we can always try to keep growing and trying new things,” Eli recalls. “Sometimes you go a little too far. But I think we need it, as artists. [your fans] love for you. “

The band have not announced a definitive release date, although Eli tentatively believes fans might expect a new album to be released “sometime in the summer.” In the meantime, however, they are enjoying a rejuvenated return to the road, revitalized after the pandemic-induced hiatus and a new perspective on their two decades of music together.

“After 20 years of touring together, there’s been a bit of … we took it all for granted, and we just didn’t realize that we still love what we were doing, you know? that moment when you maybe realize that this hobby that turned into a job – then turned into a job – you stopped realizing that you still love her, ”Eli explains. “After 2020, it was the refresh button. It was, ‘Hey, I’m ready to go back to my friends.’ You know, the four of us have spent most of our lives together.

“Coming back on stage recently was really good,” he concludes. “Being able to go back on stage and play our music was kind of a new feeling, I guess, that maybe I didn’t realize I lost.”

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