‘Dressing with Archchi’ Picture Book Recognized at 2022 State Literary Awards


Nadishka Aloysius’ “Dressing Up With Archchi” was nominated for Best Children’s Book at the recently concluded 2022 State Literary Awards. This is the fourth nomination for the author whose post ‘That Easter Sunday’ won the category last year.

This charming picture book is about a little Sri Lankan girl who loves to play dress up with her Archchi. She chooses a colorful saree, decorates her hair and puts on (non-toxic) makeup with care. But this is no ordinary Asian princess.

The story takes the reader through a colorful afternoon of fun and frolic as it slays monsters and demonstrates that girls can be anything they want to be – all they need is an imagination. active and with the love and support of a wonderful grandmother.

The book is brightly illustrated and also includes three activity pages and a DIY puzzle.

Empowerment and entertainment go hand in hand in this picture book that is a valuable addition to any family or school library. Priced at Rs. 1,050, it is available in bookstores and gift shops across the island.

Nadishka Aloysius is an award-winning teacher with nearly 25 years of experience, comedian and author who strives to share her love of literature with the world. She strongly believes that #representation matters and strives to showcase Sri Lankan life in her work. She writes for children and adults and also runs creative writing workshops and school tours to celebrate Sri Lankan culture and wildlife.


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