Did Judas Priest + RATM make the Rock Hall fan vote?



The Rock Hall Fan Ballot has become a point of interest, but not always a direct indicator of who will eventually be called upon when the official Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction picks for the year are revealed. So how did our heaviest contestants fare? The results are in and while some fanbases will be happy, others might be a little exasperated by the final tally.

Judas Priest, who made the final fan vote in his two previous nominations, won’t get the extra push this year, just shy of the Top 5. The group finished sixth in votes with 365,999 votes out of more than 5,428 573 total votes. cast in their favor. The band narrowed the gap a bit, but still lost around 27,000 votes to fifth-placed Dolly Parton, who initially declined a Rock Hall nomination but later said she would “accept graciously” after understanding a little more about the nomination process.

As previously stated, Judas Pri’s absence from the fan vote does not necessarily mean that they will be excluded again. The band received the green light from fans in their two previous tries, but ended up with not enough votes from the general voters to enter Rock Hall. It might as well go the other way this time around, as the “fan vote” only counts as one of many votes cast by the Rock Hall election body.

Another hard rock band of interest, Rage Against the Machine, also fell well short of the Top 5, garnering 190,063 of the votes cast. Also of note, The New York Dolls had 120,958 and MC5 had 95,666 in the fan vote, both near the bottom of those eligible for induction this year.

That said, it wasn’t all bad news for rock fans. Pat Benatar, one of the female rock queens of the 80s, finished third in the vote with 631,299 votes cast in her favour. She’ll get the extra boost from the fan vote and might be in line to hear her name called for the induction.

The rest of the fan vote reflects our own “Does It Rock Your Hall” tournament from earlier this year. In this tournament, we asked our hard rock and metalhead audience which non-mainstream rock artists they would most like to see. In this tournament, Duran Duran emerged victorious over Eminem.

A similar result occurred with Duran Duran getting a whopping 934,800 from the fan vote tally, followed by Eminem with 684,237. The aforementioned Benatar placed third, with Eurythmics fourth with 442,271 and Parton fifth with 393,796. Full results can be viewed here. The official announcement of Rock Hall induction for the Class of 2022 is expected to be made later this month.

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