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Talented author, Dennis Mcintyre, is releasing a new book called Coffee Shop Ministries, a compilation of stories from people from all walks of life to inspire readers and preach diversity.

Dennis Mcintyre is once again looking to inspire as many people around the world as possible and bring them closer to the Lord using impactful stories as he publishes a new book called Coffee Shop Ministries. The book is written as a self-help guide, Dennis seeking to inspire readers from the stories of people from all walks of life. Coffee Shop Ministries is a collection of real encounters of ordinary people, often over a cup of coffee or tea.

“Thank you for your gift of sharing God’s love through your writings…especially for allowing me to sip tea in your ‘Coffee Shop Cafe’. Just reading the encounters has added light to many days Oh, how I yearn for your coffeehouse camaraderie in these times Isileen Webb (Florida)

Coffee Shop Ministries is particularly different because it takes a distinct narrative approach of relaying the encounters of different people, showing the world the uniqueness of each individual and their journey in life. The book also highlights the power of the Supreme Being and the need to establish a relationship with God. Each story covers periods of days, weeks, and years, as Dennis shows readers the difference in each person’s life experiences. Her stories let her know that we don’t go through this thing called life alone. Even in our darkest hours we can be comforted, often by a complete stranger.

The book is available in hardcover and paperback versions and has already started to get rave reviews from readers as well as characters from different stories. “I really love this book! I think you have done an excellent job. The only thing Joe and I didn’t really consider were the names you gave us, Jane and Dick. Feel free to use our real names, we don’t mind at all! Joe and Debby (Alabama) – the story of the couple in the chapter entitled “The young couple”.

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