Delta Health employee shares recording of meeting explaining vaccine exemptions



DELTA, Colorado – A Delta Health employee said lawyers for Delta County Hospital explained how to bypass the vaccination warrant during an employee meeting.

The employee who provided video of the meeting in Denver7 said it was a blatant move to provide a loophole for people who just don’t want to get the shot.

“I was actually appalled. I just have no faith in the health care system I work for,” said a Delta Health employee.

After hearing a Delta Health lawyer speak, this employee, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisal, said it was clear a loophole was presented.

“If you are prepared to sign this affidavit, which reads,” I swear and hereby affirm that I sincerely have a religious belief or a religious belief that prevents me from receiving the COVID vaccine “, enough is enough good for me, ”the attorney for Delta Health can be heard saying in the recording.

To this employee, that seems like a sufficient excuse for some people to avoid a vaccine warrant.

Basically she said, ‘No one is going to be fired. Simply sign this form saying you have a religious exemption, and we will honor it. No questions asked, ”the employee said.

On the flip side, nothing this Delta Health lawyer is talking about is illegal either, according to Gillian Bidgood of the law firm Posinelli.

“An employer can say, ‘Yes, I want information about your beliefs. I want information on how you practice them and why it may be different from what we ask you to do. Or, an employer may say, I’m going to give my employees more benefits than the law requires, so I’m not going to ask for that additional information. I’ll just accept this affidavit, ”Bidgood said.

Still, this employee believes Delta Health opened the door for employees who did not want to be vaccinated to file an exemption, whether the reason is true or not.

“It’s frustrating … it’s our hospital’s recommendation to say, ‘Here is a religious form. Just sign it and you’re done,'” said the employee.

In a statement, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment states, among other things:

“We call on all healthcare facilities and their workers to follow the intent of this mandate to help save lives and protect patients. “

So far, only 47% of the population of Delta County is fully vaccinated.

In a press release, a Delta Health official said in particular:

“This is an HR policy and these problems will be dealt with at the HR level. Like any HR policy, there is a process for disciplinary action in the event of non-compliance. At this time, we have not fired any employees for failing to comply with the vaccination mandate. Delta Health’s goal is to continue to be a resource for compassionate, quality healthcare that our community can trust. “

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