David Beckham Just Wore a ‘Spiceworld’ Sweater And We’re Obsessed



David Beckham is a staunch fan of the Spice Girls for obvious reasons. Besides having good taste, he is also married to Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice.

The soccer pro showed his appreciation for the definitive girl group by rocking some of their merchandise on Instagram. Specifically, Beckham modeled his choice of holiday sweater in a cheeky photo with his wife that was uploaded this weekend.

Her royal blue sweater features a snowy background and a globe encircled by a “Spiceworld” banner. In case you forgot, World of spices was the name of the band’s beloved second album.

To paraphrase a line from their hit, “If you want to be her lover, you have to rock her products …”

Seriously, though… Someone needs to put him on a best dressed list ASAP because we’re completely obsessed with his nostalgia-inducing ensemble.

“Yes, I’m a fan,” Beckham wrote in the caption. “The Christmas sweaters are out.”

The sweater appears to come from one of the group’s latest derivative products. If you are looking to buy your own Spice Girls sweater, you can do so here. There’s a caveat, however, that the festive piece doesn’t have to ship until December 21, which means you may not be able to wear it when opening the presents on Christmas morning.

Either way, it’s sure to spice up your life!

Beckham’s choice of a sweater bears the stamp of his wife’s approval. She posted a photo of him posing solo (this is the second photo in the gallery) on her own Instagram account. Check it out below:

“Now it’s a Christmas sweater, Mr. Beckham,” she exclaimed in the caption.

It turns out that several other Spice Girls enjoyed her fashion choice as well. They jumped into the comments section to show their love.

“The best Christmas sweater ever,” enthuses Emma Bunton (AKA Baby Spice). Mel C. (AKA Sporty Spice) responded with a happy emoji. Now we just need to know what Geri Horner (Ginger Spice) and Mel B (Scary Spice) think about the look.

This isn’t the first time the Beckhams have made people talk on Instagram. Earlier this year, Posh Spice was recognized as a world hero after sharing a cheeky photo of her husband relaxing by the pool. Obviously, they have a love that spans all seasons, and they have no problem showing it!

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