CRVN Capital to Accelerate PiBridge on the Journey Leading Pi Network Users into the New Era



CRVN Capital announced the strategic partnership with PiBridge, making it one of the earliest contributors to building promising ground for millions of Pi Network users.

Belize City, Belize, Sept. 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Capital of CRVNan organization dedicated to investing in and promoting blockchain projects, announced its strategic partnership with PiBridgethe gateway that releases the barrier between the Pi network and other blockchains.

With years of experience in the blockchain industry, the CRVN Capital team specializes in evaluating and sharing information about potential crypto projects with the community via CryptoLeak News Site. The CRVN Capital team is also referred to as early adopters of the Pi network from the early days and has great confidence in the strong development of the network. Therefore, right after the leak of the very first information about the PiBridge, CRVN Capital quickly established cooperation with the project with the vision that PiBridge will create value for both the Pi network and the crypto communities. Through this partnership, CRVN Capital will act as a supporter and ambassador of the project in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Having survived for 3 years despite two downtrend seasons, Pi Network – regardless of all the controversy surrounding it – has proven to be one of the blockchain projects with the greatest inherent strength. The project is expected to reach its final stage very soon and many people are wondering what the future holds. Although the question remains unanswered, some anonymous developers from New Zealand have stepped in, introducing a so-called liquidity solution for the Pi Network community and helping outsiders approach the world of Pi – PiBridge.

The collaboration between CRVN Capital and PiBridge is expected to create more value for the Pi community.

According to them white paper, the PiBridge team aims to open the gateway to connect Pi and other blockchains, allowing data to flow and Pi holders to travel freely between networks. The project’s Twitter (@PiBridgeOrg) introduced a monumental trailer last Saturday and officially launched its website at PiBridge.Org September 18. And there’s no denying that the website is a work of art, proving the seriousness the team put into their idea. PiBridge should integrate an automatic mechanism when Pi Network switches to the main network. In the waiting time, the system will operate with a trust mechanism operated by an authenticated intermediary.

PiBridge claims to become a DeFi platform with several typical DeFi features such as farming and staking, exchanging with other cryptocurrencies, lending, fundraising, e-commerce, etc. This is a big step for the Pi network as most of their hackathon winners were playing , shopping platforms or mobile app projects without real aiming at the financial aspect of Pi coin.

How the automatic PiBridge system will work. Source: PiBridge website.

According to the project team, the PiBridge token (PiB) will be the main token in the ecosystem with various use cases: reward for farming, governance, discount, priority in participation in fundraising and currency of the market. The IDO is expected to launch this Q4 and the project is leading the private sale reaching major venture capitalists and blockchain funds. The cryptocurrency winter is expected to last at least a few more months and the project team seems to be facing launch risks right now, but no one knows when Pi Network will go mainstream, so taking a step in forward is always a good option.

Pi Network is a huge community and if PiBridge can get their trust, the future is simply brighter than the sun. If used correctly, PiBridge will achieve the goals of providing solutions for Pi users as well as its ecosystem and bringing more unique utilities to the community.

PiBridge runs a promotional campaign with the PiBridge Tesseract NFT as a reward. The NFT is designed to be used for various special utilities on the platform in the future, the team said. While thousands of Pioneers doubt the legitimacy of this project and millions more judge the Pioneer community, there’s no harm in joining a simple retweeting campaign for a cool NFT. While the project is still in its preparation phase, tons of copies have already been released. Users are advised to check links before providing important information such as personal profiles or connecting wallets to any platform.

Southeast Asia is one of the largest Pi Network communities. As a strategic partner of PiBridge, CRVN Capital will help the project reach more Pi users, giving them a better understanding of the importance of the project and stimulating the activities of the platform. The collaboration will also affirm CRVN Capital’s position as a pioneer in uncovering potential new projects in the growing field of blockchain.

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