Confusion reigns as Vitalik Buterin praises EOS while slamming Ethereum


In a recent tweet, Vitalik Buterin praised EOS calling it “Ethereum On Steroids”.

He said the naming reflects the lessons the core team learned from “the naivety and amateurish idealism of Ethereum” to deliver a platform with superior scalability and speed.

Given the bizarre nature of the tweet, particularly the criticism leveled at the way ETH developers conducted their business, the internet is split on whether Buterin was being sarcastic.

EOS plans a comeback

Some say EOS has been a victim of its own success. Its one-year initial coin offering (ICO), which ended in June 2018, raised a record $4.1 billion and remains today the highest ICO raise in the world. story.

With that, expectations were high, but a series of disasters, including claims of falsely overstated speed, the highly centralized Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) mechanism, and the resignation of CTO Dan Larimer, discouraged investors. .

Currently, EOS is down 96% from its all-time high of $22.71, reached in April 2018. Back then, EOS was one of the top 5 tokens competing with Ethereum and Cardano.

CEO of EOS Yves LaRose acknowledged the difficulties in a recent tweet. But that changed with reference to a return and emergence of “The New EOS”.

EOS has several projects in development, including the Recovery+ initiative, which refers to a formalized hack response process for a safer and more reliable network, the launch of Pomelo Season 3 NFTand the deployment of Co2Zero DEX carbon exchange.

However, it remains to be seen if La Rose and the EOS developers can reignite interest in the project.

Was the Ethereum co-founder joking?

In response to Buterin’s tweet on “Ethereum On Speed”, Input Output CEO Charles Hoskinson answered by asking him if he was alright.

Crypto YouTuber Jungle Inc. chimed in by saying Buterin’s behavior has been “odd lately,” before ending the post by expressing his confusion over the tweet.

In a June 24 message, @songadayman commented on Buterin’s utopian goals for society and said his critiques “of what eth has become” are lost on most people.

Buterine previously commented on a desire to bring the world closer to “Yudkowski’s dath ilan”, a fictional parallel Earth in which the wealthy donate money to support “public goods”, rather than spending it on “shit to zero sum”.

In response to @songadaymann, Buterine gave insight into his thinking saying his criticisms of crypto come as he expects more from the industry.

You could say that he also expects more from Ethereum.


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