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Stating long ago that the party doesn’t start until she walks in, it’s no surprise Kesha is bringing a few of her friends along for the fun of the investigation on Discovery+. During its six episodes, Summon Kesha not only seeks proof of the paranormal, but relishes the opportunity to give the “Supernatural” singer and her allies the goosebumps.

Covering a wide range of personalities, Kesha’s co-conjurers all play in different ways. While each guest ventured into the dark with some level of intrigue, seeing the more skeptical co-stars emerge altered makes the show as devilishly enjoyable to watch as it is frightening to experience.


6 Whitney Cummings

Sharp and sardonic, comedian Whitney Cummings is usually the loudest presence in the room. After Kesha in Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary with a wardrobe as colorful as her personality, Whitney brought with her a levity that was immediately tested when something grabbed her wrist in the entryway. More intrigued than scared, Whitney’s energy throughout the experience is best summed up by her decree: “If there are any demons coming out, let them know.”

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When Kesha is consumed by the negative energy, it is Whitney who comforts her. Back at the ghost scene, Whitney confronts the entity, using the ovilus to ensure it was a transgender woman who possessed and taunted previous visitors. Emotional to the isolation this spirit would have felt, Whitney’s journey is one of togetherness and understanding, providing a much-needed anchor for Kesha’s nervous maiden voyage.

5 Karen Elson

Supermodel singer Karen Elson couldn’t hide her excitement at being invited to the unusual Odd Fellows lot in Tuscola, IL. A true devotee of the paranormal, Elson admitted to having previously moved from a home in Nashville due to incessant activity. Armed with little more than an occult curiosity and knowledge of the Odd Fellows’ use of human remains, Elson lit up with every story she heard and every video she watched.

Gasping from the throne of Odd Fellow as the introduction of lodge founder Ainslie Heilich was interrupted by footsteps, Elson’s nervous excitement was less about fear and more about confirmation. Watching from afar, Elson was even able to witness an initiation ritual that used Kesha and a real human skeleton as centerpieces. More curious than worried, Elson wasn’t so much frightened as she was intrigued by the secrets that spawned the underground camaraderie.

4 Betty Who

Joining Kesha for a duet at Antoinette Hall in Pulaski, TN, Australian pop powerhouse/heartbreak dreamer Betty Who was bubbly, bright and evasive about her beliefs. While the duo felt a similar musical energy when they first visited, that feeling would change once they ventured into the basement. After learning that the building is on the Trail of Tears and hearing footsteps upstairs, Betty saw enough to declare that there were “spirits at work”.

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Panicked by the opening doors and changing temperatures, Betty reached her breaking point when a Spirit Box told them to “get out”. As scared as they were, Betty and Kesha would use their time to pay homage to Native Spirits, performing the native folk song they had learned from Marcus “Quese” Frejo to close their experience.

3 jojo fletcher

Copilot the most polarizing entry in the series, popular Bachelorette Lead actress, Jojo Fletcher, packed her warmest beanie and Fair Isle sweaters and joined Kesha on her hunt for Bigfoot in Mount Shasta, California. After meeting with the local sheriff and holding a town hall meeting with eyewitnesses, Jojo and Kesha enlisted Squatch Hunter Ronny Le Blanc and led their investigation into the woods.

Initially skeptical, Jojo nervously joked that their group selfie was their last photo as they strolled through the night. Sending a precautionary “final text” to his family, Jojo’s fears of a calamitous encounter even spawned an electronic paper trail. Frightened by Ronny’s tales of kill sites and frozen by the reflection of a pair of ominous eyes, Jojo was a vocal and expressive addition to the series.

2 Greater Freedia

Kesha knew exactly what she was doing when she brought on trailblazer/collaborator Big Freedia for the show’s finale. Bringing her to the notoriously haunted Trans-Alleghany Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV, Kesha installed the series’ biggest non-believer to freak out in the most insidious spaces. From getting grabbed on the shoulder and seeing a producer scratched, to hearing footsteps and being called to a Spirit Box, Freedia expressed her experiences in the most amusing way.

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Providing classics such as “Kesha wants to keep chasing ghosts but I’m ready to have ghosts”, “Un unh, Ms. Thing, no mam”, “Wow he came back like a caterpillar”, “We’re going to cut that b—h to the squids” and “Time to get the f—k out of the med center,” Freedia rarely freaked out and delivered the most hilarious responses unintentionally.

1 GaTa

The events that unfolded at the Westerfeld Mansion in San Francisco, California were the most disturbing of the series. Quiet, cool and dismissive of the supernatural, rapper/actor GaTa led Kesha on his investigation due to the building’s ties to his hero, Harry Houdini. Nervously laughing at Kesha’s flickering lights and camera troubles, GaTa was mostly unaffected until a REM module went off next to her bed, sending her running from home to comfort. of a hotel room while Kesha spent a sleepless night alone.

From his late-night release “I’m Going, Jack” to a 5:30 p.m. comeback the following day, GaTa emerged with a newfound respect for the house and its energies. After an aggressive personal session with a ouiji board and a psychic’s explanation of their experiences, GaTa was left in tears, overwhelmed with the realization that the very things he mocked and rejected got to him and left him. shook deeply.

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