Christian Author Responds to ‘Rapture Anxiety’ Article: ‘Bible Prophecy…is Meant to be Comforting’


A Christian end-time author has responded to an article about “rapture anxiety” saying that “Bible prophecy” is meant to be comforting.

rapture anxiety

Recently, a CNN article made a bold claim that some Christians experience “rapture anxiety.” This news article has sparked controversy and discussions between believers and non-believers. Jeff Kinley, the author of several books on the rapture and the end times responded to the controversial article.

“The first thing I thought was, ‘Really? You’re making this whole idea up because people all over the world are so filled with anxiety about abduction, which I’ve rarely encountered. It’s one thing,” Jeff said. “The other side of the coin was the irony. Rapture is truly designed to bring comfort, not anxiety. It’s quite the opposite. »

Comfort for believers

In his response, he pointed out that the rapture is meant to bring comfort to those who believe in Jesus Christ.

“I see how Bible prophecy and the rapture is supposed to be the most comforting thing for a believer…it’s the bride of Christ,” he added. “And she needs to be saved, so why should she worry about that?”

The question of how the subject inflames anxiety might arise from the fact that some preachers have used the subject to inflame fear. They teach rapture “with wrong motives or improper motives.” So this doctrine must be taught correctly so that it becomes a comfort to those who hear it.

“Kidnapping has been used as a scare tactic…against people in the past to try to save them or that sort of thing. So I understand,” he said. “I also understand that sometimes in depictions of the abduction, it’s very sensational.”


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