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By JULIE CARR SMYTH, Associated Press

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – Is Ohio’s new congressional map unconstitutionally altered to favor Republicans who controlled the map-making process? This is the question debated Tuesday in the Ohio Supreme Court.

The problem is the new map showing the boundaries of 15 US home districts, Ohio was assigned by the 2020 census, up from 16 currently due to the backward population.

As COVID-19 rises again, judges plan to hear lawyers via video.

Two lawsuits on behalf of Ohio voters argue that there is no question that the card “‘unduly’ favors the Republican Party.” the A. Philip Randolph Institute.

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These latter two groups assume the map includes 13 Republican districts – 10 safe seats and three “arguably competitive” seats that also favor the GOP – and just two safe Democratic districts. That represents 67% of Republicans ‘seats, although their candidates have received only about 54% of the vote in statewide races over the past decade, the two groups’ lawsuit said.

Meanwhile, the NDRC’s constitutional challenge argues that the map tilts 12-3 in favor of Republicans, although the GOP describes it as 6-2, with the remaining seven districts competitive.

Republicans called the card constitutional, fair and competitive. He sprinted through the Ohio Statehouse last month and passed without Democratic backing, and was signed days later by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine. Because it did not receive any support from the Democrats, the card will only last four years, instead of the typical 10.

Both lawsuits target DeWine and other members of the powerful Ohio Redistribution Commission, rather than the legislature.

Voters gave the commission a potentially pivotal role in approving Ohio legislative districts and congressional maps, but the panel missed its deadline to approve a congressional map without voting. This sent the process back to the GOP-led legislature, which approved the card over Democrats’ objections.

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