“Black Sapphire” by VL Harris is a compelling memoir that explores the author’s experiences as a black woman in America.



“Black Sapphire”: a powerful autobiographical work. “Black Sapphire” is the creation of published author VL Harris, a loving mother, grandmother and widow who earned a PhD from UCLA.

Harris shares, “This book draws a black sapphire gemstone analogy with a stereotypical treatment of Americans against African American women, with the effects of an army of American women being ignored, devalued and hidden from view! An ordinary, naturally formed rock begins deep in the caverns of the earth. Unnoticed, uncut and unpolished, it has neither shine nor shine.

“When external pressure is exerted on, below and around it, it rises to bring out and rise to the surface something unique, genuine, beautiful and precious. They are natural treasures, hidden in plain sight, a resource, at a glance, just below the surface. A missed treasure hidden deep in the earth, just begging to be discovered. So to the people, and in the case of this brief, a black woman who represents millions of black women can be hidden, prejudiced, ignored, marginalized, cajoled and abused because of society’s decision to see them as a caricature, a joke, a buffoon, a nag, and in a negative connotation a “black sapphire”.

This story is about a black woman who came of age in the United States of America over several decades. She discovers that she is seen from a different perspective than her white counterparts. She is judged, unlike the ‘adage,’ Don don’t judge a book by its cover. She is judged by the cover of her book, the color of her skin and not by the content of her skills, talent or character. abusive and inflict lifelong wounds like ghosts in your memory and minds lying around to haunt and hurt you again.

“Treated as a ‘third class’ citizen or no citizen at all by fellow Americans, this is the story of millions of black and female people. Seen, but not seen, except as superficial, superficial and boring strangers, excluded from the mainstream of society, intentionally excluded so that their voices, dreams, needs, potential and desires are ignored, unfulfilled and unfulfilled satisfied. The effect is a national pool of wasted talent, skills and human resources. This book is a tribute to African American women as a precious, unrecognized, unrecognized natural treasure, hidden in plain sight. “

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, VL Harris’ new book offers a unique look into the life of a determined young woman in the face of various adversities.

Harris shares a fascinating and personal journey through the pages of this thoughtful memoir.

Consumers can purchase “Black Sapphire” at traditional brick and mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Black Sapphire”, contact Christian Faith Publishing’s Media Department at 866-554-0919.

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