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BHAKTAPUR, April 10: The historically famous and important Biska Jatra of Bhaktapur begins today. The Biska Jatra, which begins with the arrival of New Year, begins tonight by pulling Nakinju Azima’s chariot to Ghatkha from the front of the Panchatle temple in Tamari and pulling Bhairavnath’s chariot.

Jatra is celebrated with great pomp for eight nights and nine days.

Before pulling the chariot, Bhairavnath is worshipped and the pilgrims pull the chariot using ropes attached to the front and carry it to their respective tole. The main attraction of the procession is to pull the chariot, which is also done competitively between toles or stand blocks.

There is a religious belief that looking at the Biska Jatra destroys the enemy, so this Jatra is also called Shatruhanta Jatra.

On the last day of the procession, the chariot of Bhairavnath is pulled from Gahiti as it was on the first day by the people of Thane and Kwane Tole.

Meanwhile, District Chief Rudra Devi Sharma said a strategy has been prepared after holding discussions with stakeholders to complete the jatra in a dignified and timely manner.

Bhaktapur Metropolitan Police Chief Shiva Kumar Shrestha has informed that 950 Nepalese Police and 400 Armed Police will be mobilized for the jatra. CCTV cameras were installed at all intersections to identify rioters during the jatra.


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