Billy Bob Thornton’s 12 Best Movies, Ranked



The Best Billy Bob Thornton Movies aren’t about easy answers. “Primary Colors” does not provide them. Despite its outlandish and unrealistic plot, neither is “Armageddon” – it’s a fantasy about human tenacity. Despite appearing in his share of blockbusters, Billy Bob Thornton doesn’t seem to crave simple entertainment. And “Monster’s Ball” is far from just entertainment.

Best remembered for Halle Berry’s historic Oscar win — and rightly so — “Monster’s Ball” is a remarkably difficult film. It’s hard to watch. It is difficult to unpack. Even for a film that concerns itself with abusive parenting, death, and both macro and micro-aggressive racism, “Monster’s Ball” packs a remarkable amount of pain into its runtime. He does this, however, in hopes of examining love and forgiveness to determine their tensile strength. Again, it’s a theme Thornton has returned to throughout his career, but here he cedes the stage to a cast of actors on the verge of breakouts or breakthrough breakthroughs. (Berry, Heath Ledger, Sean Combs). To act is to react, and in “Monster’s Ball”, Thornton’s seemingly stoic but fiery reactions not only constitute one of his best performances, but they also prove that he is one of the great stage partners in the world. ‘Hollywood. This is important in any project, but especially in a project as delicate and difficult as “Monster’s Ball”.

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