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This It is well known that most people make New Year’s resolutions, which they do not adhere to faithfully, but soon forget after making them. They simply lack the discipline to commit to respecting the resolutions. Some would choose to eat less, but before the dawn of a new day, they would demolish a large bowl of food. Some promised to be studious in their studies, but the impact would not be felt as they would return home with poor results. It is also bad that the men and women of God promise to have good conduct, to devote quality time to the work of God, yet it will not work. Some would promise a heaven and earth that will not fly at the end of the day because of the non-resistance of human nature that will always give in by accepting evil faster than good. Making New Year’s resolutions is an old tradition, as old as marking the New Year itself. When such resolutions are made, it takes a few disciplined and great minds to achieve them, while the majority fall to the side.

Now, I’m not forcing people not to pass the New Year’s resolution, rather, I want them to take seriously reflecting the resolutions in everything they do this year. It is my sincere suggestion that we should all look within and vigorously pursue something at the start of the year. Call it a New Year’s resolution or an act of accountability, what is more important is the outcome at the end of the day. It would be madness to go through the entire 365 days without having a concrete project to pursue in mind. It might appeal to someone to start a new career, buy a car, or build a house. For another person, the resolution might be to take on various responsibilities in homes and organizations. But let there be this personal commitment, to see that the objectives set are achieved. One can choose to live a better, more organized, more productive and fulfilling life morally or spiritually. At the end of the year, we would be proud of our achievement as they speak for us.

I am of the opinion that we all need to walk with people who are wiser, smarter, stronger in character, academics, entrepreneurial base and who are like high-end brands. Let’s walk and work with go-getter people who could inspire us. There is this great need to walk with the right interlocutors, to meet in responsible gatherings that would uplift us in terms of accomplishment. Poor network and irresponsible business were the reasons Juliana turned down a marriage proposal from Vincent, her boyfriend of three years, because she just said, “I noticed he didn’t. network correctly. ” His reason was not far from the fact that he would not be a big winner because the opportunities of life would elude him since he could not take bold action. It was most shocking for Juliana when Vincent’s high school mates gathered, returning strongly as pioneer students from their school to form their Old Boys Association, Vincent walked away, thinking it was a gathering for the richer, fitter or more accomplished. Classmates said, no we were innocent high school friends many years ago, we want to come together as brothers and friends and hold the hands of the younger ones while giving back to the school that we created. Vincent was full of excuses and all efforts to win his soul went with the winds. What could be more exciting than being among high school classmates?

We also need to be mindful of how we speak in the present tense. If only we knew that our integrity is at stake every time we open our mouths to speak, we would be guided accordingly, especially when we speak. Most of the time, a lot of disagreements, gossip, rumors, quarrels and fights could be avoided and thus allow true peace to reign, in all honesty. Speaking recklessly has actually reduced the performance, truthfulness, righteousness, and honor of some people. A former governor of a Southeastern state liked to address the natives of his state with all kinds of verbal irresponsibility. He said unprintable and unwarranted things to the people who elected him every time he addressed them, not knowing that a judgment day would surely come. Then, it was during the 2019 general election that he tried to solicit votes during the election campaign, his negligent statement played against him as his first point of failure. Politics also played its part and he failed miserably in this election. Talking carelessly and some people closed doors anyway. It is so bad that there are things that we cannot take back the moment they come out of our mouths, which is all the more why we have to be careful and careful when we speak. Some adults think they have the right to verbally insult younger children, including their children. Know today that such an attitude could work against you one day. It is written in the book of Ephesians that children are to honor their parents so that their days may be long. The same chapter also enjoined parents not to anger their children. It is a balance that must be respected. Therefore, be alert and attentive to the things you say to others wherever you are; it is even more honorable to prefer silence to speeches unless it is obligatory to speak.

Today, when the book “The Power of Positive Thinking” written by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale hit the market, over 15 million copies have been sold. It was an international bestseller from the father of positive thinking himself. These words were carefully written in italics under the title: A Practical Guide to Mastering the Problems of Everyday Life. I haven’t read any chapter where Dr. Pearl has failed in all his positivity in everyday life. To this end, let’s all imitate the author and be positive in our everyday life. Positive, realistic and practical have always paid off. A story of two palm wine tappers in the village has been told and some have claimed it was with magical powers. Papa Anurukem always said “Ngozi my daughter works in a bank in Lagos”, and his companion, Pa Ohakpugwu, replied: “my own daughter, Chioma, works with expatriates from Shell. These statements have become a serious joke among their fellow palmists; Meanwhile, the two men were permanent residents of their villages in Awka, the capital of Anambra state, who had zero iota of what these institutions could offer. I firmly believe that the power of positive thinking has played out and within a few years Ngozi got a job in the banking industry while Chioma was also employed at Shell and worked with expats. It sounds very simple, but this practicality should serve as a lesson to everyone that what goes on in the mind is really strong. With parents struggling to raise children in the internet age, it seems a bit difficult, but if the power of positive thinking is applied to our daily lives, it will surely end with praise and testimonials.

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In 2022, let’s all try to seek more income streams by investing more. Our simple economy would tell us to prioritize and differentiate our needs from our wants. The same economy says today, invest, seek more income streams that would stand the test of time and reduce unnecessary spending, leading to a long march to financial freedom. When we are more financially secure, life becomes much easier, quarrels and gossip decreases because research has also proven that no drug is as effective as monetary credit alert because it has a way. to heal invisible wounds. There was an empowerment program in a rural community, where some women received stipends to support their businesses. One of the very wise who sold fried peanuts, started selling in bottles and orchestrated it in supplies. It was a seed as little sold as a peanut, but it turned into serious business.

So how many people love God’s charitable work? How many are ready to do the humanitarian aspect in all sincerity, without complaining? Those who remember orphans, widows and needy, less privileged widowers, will also have God for them.

Interestingly, it has been a daily push from the pulpit and other places of worship to make everyone pray more and put the Creator first in everything they do. We can’t wake up and live our life like this, thinking that things would work out logically, no, there is a Supreme Being who is the Alpha and the Omega, who hears all of our prayers and is ready to walk with us if we can just take a step towards it. Prayer is the key to all of our problems.

Finally, when someone is mean, don’t listen to them. When someone is rude, walk away. When someone tries to put you down, stand firm. Don’t let someone else’s behavior destroy your inner peace. Once again, happy new year!

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