Berserk’s dark religion is even more twisted in a manga



Make The Exorcist Fall In Love explores the dark sides of religious extremism, much like the Conviction arc and beyond in the Berserk anime.

Warning: SPOILERS or Make The Exorcist Fall In Love Chapter 24manga Make the exorcist fall in love tackles the dark side of religious extremism similar to Berserkand the effects are terrifying – some would say even worse.

The restarted Berserk the anime series explored many of the twisted religious moments from the manga’s Conviction arc, which saw from Berserk zealous cult leader Mozgus tries to purge heretics from the world through torture. The irony is that the majority of the poor souls he tortures are innocent, though they are still subjected to gruesome procedures regardless. Mozgus uses scripture to justify his methods, becoming openly violent whenever his faith is questioned.


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By writer Aruma Arima and illustrator Masuku Fukayama, Shonen Jump’s Make the exorcist fall in love looks at other aspects of religious extremism. Undoubtedly, the most shocking event occurs at the start of Chapter 8 when an exorcist named Leah briefly recalls why she chose her profession, evoking a scene where an unknown man tells a young Leah to eat the meal in front of her. . Combined with the words “Leviticus 26:29the scene gives the impression that he is forcing her to eat the members of her family, for the verse says: “And you shall eat the flesh of your sons, and you shall eat the flesh of your daughters.” Share.

Why Berserk Fans must read Make the exorcist fall in love

Berserk fans who enjoyed the Conviction arc should start catching up Make the Exorcist fall in love now because the latest episode – chapter 24 – finally returns to this point in Leah’s past to explore how she got into this situation. Readers see this man – who fans now know is Lord of the Flies – bring Leah into his dark belief system. Of course, that’s not the only example of dark religion in Arima and Fukayama’s series. Parts of the Bible have been beaten into Make the exorcist fall in love hero to the point where he is terrified of having relationships because they would interfere with his relationship with God. In the same way, BerserkThe Conviction arc isn’t the only example of religious extremism. In fact, the hero Guts was born from the corpse of his mother who had been hanged for being a witch.

Whereas from Berserk Mozgus is awful, there’s something particularly creepy about what Lord of the Flies is doing to Leah. Mozgus’ torture of heretics was so great that it is almost difficult to comprehend the anguish and pain inflicted upon him. Meanwhile, Leah’s singular story is smaller and therefore easier to understand. Regardless of, Make the exorcist fall in love will undoubtedly appeal to those fascinated by the dark cults and religious extremism of Berserk.

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