Baby Monitor captures ‘paranormal activity’ on child’s bed, terrified mother shares video


A mother remained terrified after the baby monitor captured the moments of “paranormal” force haunting her child’s bed at night.

Mother, Erika Danielle posted the videos of “paranormal activity” on his TikTok account.

She captioned it: “We have a lot of paranormal things in our house.”

“Look closely or you might miss it. “

In the first clip, Erika’s son is seen suddenly waking up. What netizens have described as an “orb of light” quickly floats through the camera and climbs up the wall.

The video has gained over 9.1 million views.

In the second video, taken after the toddler was lifted from his bed, an “orb” can be seen floating right in front of the camera.

Erika claimed that she again made frightening discoveries in her son’s bedroom.

In the third video, a similar “orb” slowly floats above the baby’s head before it wakes up asleep. It appeared that his legs were being pulled by an unknown force, netizens claimed

“Look at the baby’s legs,” commented one believer. “Anything that was pulled and pushed the baby’s legs.”

Another asked, “Am I the only one who saw his leg pull slowly before waking up?”

However, the video has been examined by non-believers and some have claimed that the “orb” was nothing but a particle of dust.

“It’s just an illuminated particle of dust, I promise you and your little one are safe,” one user wrote.

Another user agreed, saying, “I build infrared cameras for a living. It’s dust, nothing to worry about. I’m a father and I can also say that the baby’s movement seemed normal. “

But some petrified users disagree.

“It’s scary, it’s not dust but it could be a good spirit,” one person defended.

“You must bless (your) house,” added another.

“I saw the orb floating over the cot, then something definitely scared the baby… scary,” another person said.

“Something” seems to have grabbed the child’s leg before he woke up. TIKTOK / @ erikadaniellexo

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