As Republicans plan new fertility treatment bans, Mike Pence learns he’s not in charge here



Keep calm, America. While you take a while to catch your breath after facing raw, masculine courage, it must have taken a Republican to say out loud that maybe American citizens shouldn’t be thrown in jail for using a widely available infertility treatment that a creepy sub-cult of American society believes they and they alone should be in charge of, you don’t need to be too surprised here. Yes, it turns out that a Republican thinks a particular medical procedure shouldn’t be criminalized just because it’s a procedure that personally benefited his own family.

Of course, it doesn’t matter. What a great guy. Thank God Odo for Deep Space Nine here finally feels comfortable expressing his opinion on the vagaries of human culture.

This is normally the part of every story where we make a big deal out of an extremely pompous Republican Jesus who wants to speak softly against a major tenet of conservative orthodoxy in the Godmother only after they have been personally affected by one of its particular cruelties. Conservatism largely consists of an inability to feel empathy for anyone, at any time, until the same social or medical problem slaps them upside down. But we can’t even do that here, because this is Pence we’re talking about.

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And Pence has no human empathy even for himself.

This is the man who had to flee a violent mob incited by Trump during a coup attempt and not only can’t bring himself to completely distance himself from the seditionist traitor who tried to kill him, he refuses to testify before the committee investigating the conspiracy. of which he was the main target. For him to care about his own family, even in this small case, is more than we should expect of him.

For those unfamiliar with the rabbit hole of anti-abortion religious conservatism, the American movement pushing for the criminalization of all abortions under all circumstances claims to believe that human life “begins at conception”, and therefore any egg that meets any sperm must be considered a full human being from the moment of impact. Many go even further, claiming that birth control pills, condoms, and indeed any sexual act that doesn’t deposit sperm where the sperm “belongs” is murder because it prevents God from creating the new human that he strength created if you didn’t try to put all those roadblocks in your way.

The problem with IVF, then, is that if you believe that God’s primary role is to control everyone’s sex life and make sure no one makes babies or babies without written consent on purpose from himself, Major League Baseball, and/or whatever local pastor has a bug in his parsonage about it, then the IVF process of fertilizing multiple eggs and implanting each of them into the uterus in the hope that at least one of them will successfully attach and grow means all the fertilized eggs that don’t get used to or who don’t successfully attaching are all full human beings and well, now you, your partner and the doctors are all serial killers for not being able to carry all those fertilized eggs to term as well. Many far-right religious conservatives want expectant parents to go to jail for thistoo.

Just a few days ago, in fact, new audio was released about anti-abortion conservatives strategizing how best to criminalize both birth control and IVF.

So this is it. Pence is advancing boldly on his party’s left flank by suggesting that maybe the coerced theocracy Republicans are demanding from the Supreme Court shouldn’t jail couples seeking fertility treatments, because it’s a supposed crime with which he and his wife have personal experience. Very big of him. Oh, and it won’t make a difference because the religious conservatives he helped stack the Supreme Court with have no reason to listen to him.

Pence has no say in his religious movement’s drift toward extremism. Judge Samuel Alito Jr. decides so, and Judge Samuel Alito Jr. has already made clear his belief that our religious laws will be based on Alito’s version of religion and no one else’s. You would think that the millions of Americans who continued to vote for religious theocracy based on “their own” beliefs would have become aware of this particular detail at this time, but no. No, they never do.


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