April 22: Dear Doug Ford, Man’s Inhumanity to the Homeless and Other Letters



Dear Doug Ford

Mr. Ford, the obvious disrespect for voters who know you’re buying votes with their own tax dollars is disgusting. The pretty blue license plate fiasco is still visible on the streets. The rebate on license renewal fees, although some might use it, is not on equal footing. Affluent people who have more than one vehicle often don’t need reimbursement and I even notice some report that they will pass the funds on to charity. The billion dollars would do more for health care as one of a long list of demands.

It’s easy to see your disregard for health care when masking is known to help, but you claim to follow recommendations from health experts as wave 6 surges. The obvious puppet strings you attached to Dr. Moore’s vocal chords need to be cut or get him out of your pocket. You continue to ignore other nursing professionals, doctors and teachers.

Please come out and vote.

false gospel

Regarding your editorial “The Many Easter Messages” (April 16): According to the mainstream media, one of the many Easter messages is that Jesus was simply “a good man.” Really, because Saint Jerome writes: “A false interpretation of Scripture makes the Gospel of the Lord become the Gospel of man, or, what is worse, of the devil.

Ricardo DiCecca, Burlington

The inhumanity of man

On a weekend when Christians, Jews and Muslims celebrated Easter, Passover and Ramadan, all of which bear witness to the goodness and mercy of their respective religions, I read with a heavy heart the Wayne MacPhail’s description of how our society treated a broken and troubled homeless person. “like a dog.” All under the leadership of Hamilton City Council who voted to destroy the lives of homeless people while shamelessly and hypocritically expressing their support and blessings for these celebrations of faith. Is there no humanity at the town hall?

Thank you Lorraine

I don’t really identify with the filter you are talking about except for the dryer. We are in a condominium. The Motherlode sidebar this week is exactly what I identify with! Thanks for using your excellent weekly column for my rant. I didn’t need to send my thoughts to “letters” this week. Bravo and do not stop bringing us your humor and your thoughts.

freedom is not free

Freedom is not free, it is just the temporary absence of tyranny.

Freedom has always been purchased by honorable citizens willing to die for it.

The Ukrainians are an admirable example of the cost of preserving freedom. Their leader remained in his capital to lead his people to freedom. A painfully different reaction occurred recently when a noisy group of unarmed truck drivers were seen as a threat to the very existence of this country and our leader went into hiding.

What can we expect from Canada’s leadership if a real emergency arises? And what can we expect from the response of Canadian citizens? It’s hard to be optimistic, isn’t it?

Sweden’s failure

A recent article in Nature describes the failures of Sweden’s laid-back “wait and see” approach to COVID. Scientific advice was ignored, transparency and periodic evaluation were non-existent, and marginalized groups suffered the most. Anders Tegnell, the man behind this public health policy, will now work at the World Health Organization, coordinating the distribution of the COVID vaccine. Why reward such irresponsibility with a top international position? Why not follow the science in every country and work for healthy communities?

shitty afternoon

How to spend a really shitty afternoon: Find a nice quiet country road, infrequent houses, lots of woods, maybe a stream.

Get an empty trash bag and start your walk. Pick up all the litter you see along the road – plastic cups and lids, cigarette packets and butts, water bottles, fast food containers, beer cans, etc.

Stop after five kilos when your arms are tired. Oh, for more shit, have multiple cars and vans pass you at 10-20 mph over the speed limit.

Take your things home and put them in the trash (it’s too dirty to recycle and we’re in the middle of a pandemic).

It probably won’t take your whole afternoon, but the exasperation of thinking about people throwing this stuff out of their cars at full speed, with no regard for the future of the planet or the health of wildlife or lives of people who live on the country road, should last you several more hours.

Beverly Shepard, Flamborough

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