Americans among the dead in Seoul; Supreme Court Adopts Affirmative Action; concerns after Pelosi attack



South Korean police are investigating the causes of a mob that killed more than 150 people, including two Americans, during Halloween festivities in Seoul over the weekend.

The man accused of attacking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband at their San Francisco home was wearing ties with him when he broke in. Police say the suspect confronted Paul Pelosi, 82, early Friday.

Military teams are searching for missing people after a 143-year-old pedestrian bridge collapsed into a river in the Indian state of Gujarat on Sunday night, killing at least 133 people.

The Brazilians secured a narrow victory over Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in a contentious presidential election, giving the left-leaning former president another shot at power in a rejection of incumbent Jair Bolsonaro’s far-right politics.

While America loads an estimated 600 million pounds of Halloween candy, a handful of companies are trying to make it easier to recycle all that packaging.

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The Powerball jackpot keeps getting bigger as players keep losing. That means the next draw on Monday night will be for a whopping $1 billion via annuity or $497.3 million in cash.

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“Black Adam,” the DC superhero film starring Dwayne Johnson, retained the top spot at the North American box office in its second weekend in theaters. “Ticket to Paradise,” the travel destination of Universal’s Julia Roberts and George Clooney, took second place with $10 million. Horror films “Prey for the Devil”, “Smile” and “Halloween Ends” round out the top five.

The future of affirmative action in higher education is on the table as the Supreme Court considers admissions programs at the nation’s oldest public and private universities.

America is gearing up to vote in the midterm elections, and poll workers across the country are bracing for potential conflict in a time of polarization and misinformation.

Republicans and Democrats blame each other for inflation ahead of the midterm elections.

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It’s something that goes with being a member of Congress, regardless of party or status: constant threats to your life and the unwavering sense that they’re only getting worse. Concerns returned following the assault on Nancy Pelosi’s husband.

The attack on Paul Pelosi brings the United States to the brink of threats to American democracy. A new national intelligence assessment from the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies says extremists, fueled by election lies, “pose an increased threat” for future terms.

A former United States Capitol Police officer has been found guilty of obstructing justice for deleting Facebook messages he exchanged with a man who participated in the January 6, 2021, uprising.

The Eagles won again, the Vikings stayed hot, the Titans got through the Texans, the Lakers finally won, and the NASCAR championship is set for next Sunday.

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