Agatha Harkness is older and wiser than Dr Strange



A smart monumental witch with memories from before the sinking of Atlantis is set to star in her own Marvel Studios TV show Agatha: House Harkness. The former professor of mystical arts, however, is much more than by Wandavision full throttle evil witch terrorizing the scarlet witch. She’s an extremely powerful witch often overlooked as one of Marvel’s great magical heroes.

With powers more sophisticated than the famous Sorcerer Supreme Dr. Strange, Harkness proves her mettle and moxie time and time again in Marvel Comics since her first appearance in 1970. She’s lived through many major moments in history, including the Salem Witch Trials. She is able to harness her psychic abilities with amazing results after centuries of honing her skills. Harkness can manipulate the elements, reshape dimensions, and has a close relationship with Scrier, the architect of Earth’s past and future.

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Agatha Harkness is older and wiser than Doctor Strange

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Silver Surfer #135 (by JM DeMatteis and Tom Grummett) reveals Agatha’s former status. Silver Surfer falls from the sky and its survival is in the hands of the Scrier, the cosmic architect. It is revealed that the surfer is plagued by a strange disease. Alicia Masters, loyal ally of the Surfer, doesn’t trust Scrier. She attempts to call Dr. Strange for help. However, Agatha Harkness appears instead and assures Masters that the wizard she is looking for is not the person she needs. Harkness boasts that he practiced sorcery centuries before Dr. Strange was conceived.

Harkness surrounds Silver Surfer with a protective field to contain his alien disease and slow its progress. She psychically connects with the collective known as the “Other” to better understand their otherworldly energies. The Other is also trying to corrupt Harkness, so she tries to use her powers to build a mystical shield. Agatha’s defenses prove ineffective in stopping her enemy’s psychic powers, so she taps into Alicia’s love for the Silver Surfer to give her the strength she needs. Agathe quickly realizes that the banishment is successful, but it’s only a small victory. She used all of her abilities to remove a single fragment, and the virus maintains its deadly grip. Alongside the Scrier, Agatha helps convince Masters to allow access to the former architect after Agatha has to admit that she cannot completely eradicate the virus. without killing Silver Surfer. The Scrier, however, can only solve the problem of the virus spreading by sending Silver Surfer into some sort of limbo.

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Agatha Harkness is better versed in the mystical arts than Doctor Strange

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Since wisdom comes with age and magical abilities improve with practice, Agatha is arguably Marvel’s Smarter, Stronger Magic User. She is able to manipulate dimensions and produce damaging energy bolts. While the Sorcerer Supreme relies heavily on props like the Time Stone or magical aids like spell books, Agatha often uses her consciousness exclusively to perform feats such as telekinesis. Agatha is known for absorbing the life force of others, and she is also a famous trickster, able to manipulate time and other people’s psyches to her advantage. She proves it all when she comes to Alicia’s aid and absorbs her love for the Surfer. She has shown abilities in many other areas like precognition. She even revived herself after being burned at the stake.

Agatha’s mysticism extends far beyond for she has taught many witches and covens and aided other mystics in a multitude of troubling circumstances. She manipulates souls, energy, and even time, and she does so largely without any magical tools outside of her mind. She also has the help of her powerful pet Ebony the Cat which is an extra-dimensional creature. With the promise of his new Disney+ series, the fandom is eagerly awaiting a worthy showcase of his venerable wisdom and mastery of sorcery.

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