After mocking Hindu gods, Sarwar Chishti’s son Adil backtracks, saying he had no intention of hurting anyone’s religious belief



Adil, the son of Sarwar Chishti

Jaipur: After mocking Hindu gods and beliefs, Sarwar Chishti’s son Syed Aadil Chishti has now turned around and said he has no intention of hurting any religious beliefs or feelings of anyone. He said he only shared his thoughts on Nupur Sharma’s comment. “I apologize if my comments hurt anyone. But my video was edited and then released to the media,” he said.
Chisti had recently posted a video in which he questioned the existence of 33 crores of Hindu gods. He also mocked the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and called it illogical. “How will Nupur Sharma justify the existence of Lord Hanuman or Lord Ganesh?” he said. Chisti also asked Nupur Sharma how she would prove the existence of Lord Hanuman and Lord Ganesha?
It comes just days after Sayed Sarwar Chishti, the Khadim of Ajmer Sharif Dargah, sparked a row by making provocative remarks. He said India would tremble if the Prophet Muhammad was insulted and would not stop at the beheading. The statement came just after a beheading incident in Udaipur where a tailor was killed by two Muslim men.

Chishti, secretary of Anjuman’s committee, warned that if the Prophet is insulted, Muslims will spark a movement that will shake India.

Ajmer Deputy Mayor Neeraj Jain said on Wednesday that no complaints had been filed, Sarwar Chishti had not been booked and no complaints against his son had been filed either.

After delivering a provocative speech, Chishti then joined a peace rally in Rajasthan where he called on Hindus and Muslims to live together in peace. He said it was his desire to see peace and harmony in the country. “I want people from both communities to live together in peace and harmony,” he said.

Since Nupur Shamra commented on Prophet, a number of clerics have spoken hate speech against her and those who support her.

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