A place in India where there is no need for religion, government and money to live, you too go once and see here



India is such a place, where you will see people of all religions, and government law. But there is also a city in the countryside, where there is no religion, no money, no government. You must be thinking what is such a city in India, where such things are not considered, so let us tell you that this place is located just 150 km from the city of Chennai. We are talking about a place called Auroville.
The city was founded in 1968 by Mira Alfajos. This place is also called City of Dawn. You will be a little surprised to know that it only had one purpose to colonize the city. Here people should stay away from things like caste religion, up-down and discrimination. Anyone can come and stay here, but there are some things related to it that are important to keep in mind for the person coming here.
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Condition for people coming here –

There is only one rule for the person who comes here that he must live here as a servant. It is a one-of-a-kind pilot township located in Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu. Meera Alfajos who founded this city came to Pondicherry on March 29, 1914 at the spiritual retreat of Sri Aurobindo. I have seen many hill stations near Manali, Mussoorie now see these beautiful hill stations near Dehradun

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There is no concept of religion in Auroville –

Auroville believes in following the path of truth beyond religious beliefs. There is a temple in the middle of this place, which is called “Matrimandir”. It has spiritual significance for those who practice yoga in solitude, these temples do not belong to any particular religion or sect. The inhabitants of Auroville come from nearly 50 countries, belonging to all kinds of age groups, social classes, cultures, etc. The current population here is 2,400 people. Such a Gurudwara in Delhi where water cures all diseases, you too go with your family and see here

There is no government

You might be surprised to know this, but Auroville operates without a government. It is governed by an assembly composed of each of the adults. Imagine that this place is run by a gathering of 900 members, from different cultures, who sometimes don’t even understand each other. But people still live quite well here. 8000 year old temple found in Saudi Arabia, some secrets are such that you will also be able to hear

There is also no notion of money –

There is no money exchange in Auroville. People here can make money transactions with people from the outside world, but that is not the case in this city. Are you going to Rishikesh from August 13 to 15? So instead of staying in expensive hotels, stay for free in these places

Auroville has all these facilities –

Auroville has its own architecture and town planning office. It has archive facilities, research institutes, an auditorium, 40 strange industries, restaurants, farms, bed and breakfasts, and more. Not only that, there is also a computer, an electronic mail network (oronet) for the residents. Independence Day 75 years: These Indian restaurants are 100 years old, even today the food is still finger licking

How to get to Auroville –

Per flight – Auroville does not have its own airport and Pondicherry does not have an airport either. The nearest airport is Chennai, 135 km away and well connected to all major cities in the world. You will need to spend around Rs 2100 to hire a taxi from Chennai. Nearest airport: Chennai airport which is 115 km from Auroville.

by the road – Auroville is well served by buses to cities like Chennai, Tiruvannamalai, Bangalore, Chidambaram, Ooty. Pondicherry is also well connected to major cities in India.

by train – The nearest railway station to Auroville is Villupuram, which is 32 km away and well connected to major cities in India. One can hire a taxi from there or travel on a passenger train to reach Auroville.

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