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Although a season 2 of Sell ​​Tampa has yet to be confirmed, fans of the show, which originally released on Netflix in December 2021, want to know more about its cast. The first season follows these powerful women as they sell and show off homes to Tampa’s elite, while occasionally dealing with internal corporate drama.

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All that being said, the show only tells the audience about the cast of this series and their lives. Therefore, there are a lot of things viewers don’t know about these overachieving ladies that they should learn while they wait to hear about a Season 2 confirmation.


Sharelle met her current husband while slipping into her DMs

Sharelle Rosado and Chad Johnson on Selling Tampa season 1

Sharelle is the powerhouse behind Allure Reality and she recently welcomed a baby girl with her boyfriend, NFL player Chad Johnson. However, what fans might not know is that she was the one who took the first step and did it by “slithering into her DMs” according to Express.

Although the current couple first exchanged numbers over six years ago, they connected online and were long distance in their relationship for quite some time. Sharelle is a straightforward woman with goals in mind and although her pregnancy was a surprise, the couple are doing better than ever.

Juawana is a grandmother

Juawana Colbert in the Selling Tampa confessional

Juawana is an ageless beauty, but fans will be amazed to find out that the real estate agent is actually a grandma who can handle anything. Although she talks about her previous marriages on the show, she never really talks about her children.

Juawana has a 22-year-old son, and according to Cosmopolitan and his Instagram, he is a proud father. She loves showing off her family on social media, but it’s fair to say it’s a shock to hear she’s 41 with a grandchild for any fan who’s looked at her and thought she didn’t. wasn’t even 30 years old.

Juawana met Sharelle through her ex-husband

Juawana on her blind date in Selling Tampa

Juawana had a difficult conversation with her boss, Sharelle, about selling Tampa as she told him about the fact that she was going to divorce, which broke Sharelle’s heart. That’s because her ex, Bryan Williams, is actually the person who first introduced the ladies.

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With Bryan having such a close relationship with both women and Juawana stating that she still wants to maintain a friendship with him according to Showbiz Cheatsheet, it’s good to see there are no hard feelings so far.

Sharelle only hires women

Sharelle Rosado on the sale of Tampa

Although it might be quite obvious to a casual observer of Sell ​​Tampa, Sharelle is extremely committed to keeping an all-female team at Allure. According to Page Six, she also makes sure her agents make her non-Caucasian clients feel respected, as she has faced discrimination in the past as a woman of color when she purchased real estate in the area. pass.

She continues to empower her agents to do well, and with her series she says her “overall message was to show women that it can be done.” Sharelle clearly believes in the idea that anyone can be successful if they really stick with it.

Sharelle was in the military for 10 years

Sharelle Rosado sees a client in Selling Tampa

Sharelle is a strong woman, but it’s not just because of her go-getter attitude and business acumen. Sharelle also trained and served in the military for 10 years before founding Allure.

According to CNBC, Sharelle quit when she suffered from PTSD after being sexually assaulted while on duty. However, that didn’t stop her from achieving her real estate dreams and she started her business the same year.

Alexis was fired because she couldn’t balance work and private life

Alexis Williams in Selling Tampa Confessional

For fans who watched the entire first season of Selling Tampa, it wasn’t just a shock to see Alexis Williams, one of Allure’s lead agents, leave after fumbling with his projections time and time again as Sharelle expected the best from her. Although other officers stepped in to remedy the situation, Alexis knew she was on thin ice. His dismissal surpasses some of the most dramatic moments of sell sunset from afar.

In retrospect, Alexis thinks she screwed up because she was struggling to maintain a work/life balance according to Distractify. While there aren’t any plans for her to join Allure at this time, it’s clear that she needs time to figure herself out before she thinks about coming back.

Anne-Sophie has won the “Best Agent” award several times

Anne-Sophie Petit-Frère in Selling Tampa season 1

According to Allure Reality, Anne-Sophie has won the title of “Top Agent” several times and it was well deserved. She prides herself on her ability to sell and even bragged about selling 14 homes in 2019 according to Bustle.

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The Realtor prides himself on his ability to sell and enjoys working with clients whenever he can. Outperforming is something she constantly tries to achieve, which makes Sharelle even more satisfied that she is working for Allure.

Karla begins her sales career at 16

Karla Giorgio listens to Sharelle in Selling Tampa

Venezuelan-born Karla Giorgio has been a salesperson since she was 16 when she started working at her father’s car dealership in Florida, according to Radio Times. Not only did this spark her interest in interpersonal work, but it made her wonder what she would like to sell in the future.

With all this time in the business, it’s no wonder Karla excels at Allure under Sharelle’s leadership. Not to mention, she is also a mother of three who almost effortlessly balances her success in her career and in her family.

Tenille worked in the Florida Senate

Tenille Moore in a photo shoot for Selling Tampa

One thing almost no one knows about actor Tenille Moore is the fact that she worked for the Florida Senate as Chief Legislative Assistant before getting her real estate license according to Radio Times. Although Sell ​​Tampa is not a legal drama, Tenille does well in reality television as an agent.

This job required Tenille to constantly work on legal research for his chosen one and to work with extremely important information from time to time. However, she found her passion in real estate and has been living the dream since her start at Allure.

Alexis met Sharelle in a living room

Press photo of Alexis Williams of Selling Tampa

According to TV Over Mind, Alexis first met Sharelle at a salon while she was washing her eyelashes. She apparently listened to Sharelle’s business idea for her real estate agency and asked to be a part of it.

What makes this even funnier is the fact that Alexis had her eyes closed the whole time and didn’t even know what Sharelle looked like until she asked to work for her.

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