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The next HBO scooby-doo spin off Velma may have sparked some controversy among fans as more details about the Mindy Kaling-led series have emerged, but their decision to relaunch the series in a bold way could still pay off. Although some are skeptical that the irreverent reinvention of the R rating will work for scooby-doomany are just happy that old anime series aren’t forgotten.

That’s the case with a ton of anime fans who are hoping their own favorite series will get some reruns. Of clone high at The spectacular Spider-ManRedditors think these anime shows deserve another shot.


Jimmy Two-shoes (2009-2011)

Jimmy Two Shoes Season 1 promotional image

Centered on the titular Jimmy, a carefree kid trying to have fun in the dark town of Miseryville, Jimmy Two-shoes is a Canadian show airing on Disney XD in the United States. A Redditor thinks its two-season run hasn’t shown the full potential of a playful humor-filled show.

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They think a “Jimmy Two-Shoes reboot in the vein of its original tween pilot would be cool.” Although the pilot in question was never discovered, fans have speculated that the show’s initial concept was slightly darker and aimed at an older audience than the final product. If the trend of lively rebirths for an older demographic continues, Jimmy Two-shoes would be an ideal candidate.

Green Lantern: The Animated Series (2011-2013)

Hal Jordan, Kilowog Razur and Aya in Green Lantern The Animated Series

The only downside to the large number of great animated superhero shows being created is that sometimes amazing shows end up being left behind, and fans would say that’s the case for Green Lantern: The Animated Series. The show only lasted 26 episodes although it became a favorite for many, thanks to its much more faithful adaptation of the DC Comics superhero compared to the 2011 film.

It’s one of the reasons Redditor Ginger_Anarchy thinks it deserves a revival, explaining that it had “great ideas on how to get by on your own but use DC stuff ideas.” While its distinctive CGI art style set it apart back then, advancements in technology could take its revival to a whole new level in terms of great visuals.

Tron: Uprising (2012-2013)

Three characters watch a virtual landscape in Tron Uprising

A disappointing box office for tron the legacy in 2010 may have killed the film franchise, but it opened the door to an arguably even cooler take on the franchise’s incredibly stylish sci-fi world. It came in the form of Tron: Uprisingwhich stars Elijah Wood as a young program who becomes the leader of a virtual revolution.

Redditor StarSkullyman is still not happy with how it ended after just one season, calling it “probably the most heartbreaking cancellation I can think of.” A dramatic cliffhanger ending left fans little to do but speculate on how a season 2 might have turned out, but a revival could finally provide some much-needed closure.

The Spectacular Spider-Man (2008-2009)

Spectacular smiling Spider-Man on a rooftop

Few anime series have garnered as many calls for a comeback as The spectacular Spider-Man, which was the subject of a social media campaign just last year. That’s because the show lives up to its name, managing to capture the fun and spirit of the iconic superhero while being surprisingly smart too.

Unfortunately, it was canceled long before it even started to run out of steam. Redditor Ballinchallinshake is one fan who supports calls for his return, adding that it “ended on a cliffhanger”. Spider ManSony and Marvel’s unique licensing situation means nothing is ever guaranteed, but fans remain optimistic.

Dungeons and Dragons (1983-1985)

80s Cartoon Dungeons and Dragons

With a new trailer coming out this summer, Dungeons & Dragons looks set to get another big-budget screen adaptation, but plenty of fans would be happy if they just went back to a classic. Centered on a group of friends transported to a fantasy world, the show cleverly incorporates elements of tabletop gaming.

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Redditor Sins_of_God puts “1983 Dungeons & Dragons” at the top of their list of anime shows they want to see revived, and many older fans still have fond memories of the show’s distinctive characters. Some of these characters even continue to appear in Dungeons & Dragons merchandise today, demonstrating the show’s enduring appeal, which producers would be wise to take advantage of.

Symbionic Titan (2010-2011)

Titan Sym-Bionic Cast

With its central trio of two aliens and a robot that combine to form the titular giant battle titan, Sym-Bionic Titan may look like a non-stop action ride, but it’s actually a surprisingly well-rounded spectacle. Its characters and their struggles garnered a ton of fans before it was abruptly canceled, apparently due to its limited merchandising potential.

Redditor taikoxtaiko lists it as a show that fully deserves a revival but thinks “being delisted for tax reasons” killed its chances. Toonami’s Tumblr account revealed that the show was canceled by the network in 2014, so it’s unclear if the show will ever be able to return. If there is a way for the creators to deliver a satisfying sequel to the series, fans would welcome it with open arms.

The Amazing World of Gumball (2011-2019)

Gumball and Darwin in The Amazing World of Gumball

Few anime series are as beloved as The Amazing World of Gumball, which brings together a ton of different artistic styles and techniques to apply its distinctive humor to almost any subject imaginable. With a TV movie and a spin-off on the way, it hardly feels bubble gum is gone, but some fans are already yearning for him to return.

Redditor Magicman2012 comments that the show’s finale, which ended on a grim cliffhanger, “left a sour taste in my mouth”. They’re not the only viewers feeling this, and fans are hoping the next movie does a lot of work to address the issue. A new series would be even better, however, giving them a chance to cap off an incredible series with an equally stunning conclusion.

Gargoyles (1994-1996)

The main cast of Gargoyles the 1994 animated series

A ton of darker, more complex anime shows from the 90s such as Batman: The Animated Series are still celebrated today, but Gargoyles has unfortunately somewhat faded from public attention. Centered on ancient nocturnal creatures who find themselves awake in today’s New York, the show has maintained a cult fanbase over the years.

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Redditor OnslaughtRM calls it “a standout show that’s been around long enough for 2 generations of people to have never seen it, and it holds up very well to this day.” They’re not the only ones who think new generations are missing out, with Polygon reporting that filmmakers, such as Jordan Peele, have tried to get a gruesome live-action version off the ground to no avail.

Clone High (2002-2003)

The cast of Clone High pose together at school

A prematurely canceled sitcom set in a high school populated by clones of famous historical figures, clone high was co-created by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller – the pair behind The Lego Movie — so it’s no surprise that it buzzes with inventive lively humor. Redditor DoNotIngest thinks it’s one of the few classic cartoons that “would become gangbusters if rebooted.”

At the time of its first airing, it was the subject of controversy that likely hampered its chances of success on a mainstream network, but with the diversity and freedom that streaming has brought, its premise could be perfect for reviving today. HBO Max seems to be on board as they ordered two new seasons of the show last year, meaning it’s likely to finally receive the return fans have always hoped for.

Mega XLR (2004-2005)

Promotional artwork for Megas XLR

As a hilarious homage to the classic mecha anime that injects a ton of fun into the giant battle robot genre, it’s no surprise. Mega XLR has a huge fan base for whom his story of friends piloting an eXtra Large Robot and defending the earth from alien invaders worked perfectly. Since its cancellation, calls to relaunch the show have not ceased.

Redditor ThatmodderGrim thinks it’s still a good idea, commenting, “I think Megas would do well these days.” They see giant robots as having universal appeal and believe a revival would fare better. Unfortunately, creator George Krstic is pessimistic about the odds, explaining that his tax deduction status for the Cartoon Network makes a comeback unlikely in an interview with Untied.

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